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Adults Point out the Absurdity of the 9-5 Schedule, Dream of Night Dentists

Need a night doctor
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9/10 Dentists Recommend These Memes: 34 Toothtastic Memes to Floss Your Funny Bone

Gum-stabbing memes guaranteed to give you a goofy grin
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24 Dentist Memes for Anxious Patients and Tooth Care Connoisseurs

Fearing the dentist is a strange, but reasonable fear. Most people don't fear a check-up from a general care practitioner , so why is the dental check-up so fearsome? It really comes down to the fact that if you've let your teeth go, there's a pretty good chance that the dentist will want to put a drill inside your mouth. Obviously, they want to help you, but the idea of the equipment literally digging into your exposed bone gets a little scary. I find it best to just take good care of your tee…
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Daughter Blames Mom for 'Ruined Teeth' After Years of Begging for Braces

Mom's AITA post sparks divided discussion
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A compilation of funny and random memes

A Curated Selection of Memes

Believe it or not, the memes you consume daily are not presented to you in some totally random and unorganized order. Memes can be as highly curated as the paintings at a museum. Speaking of museums, I'm going to take a second to share my thoughts on the “immersive experience” versions of museums that have been taking the nation by storm over the past couple of years. I have never been to one, but they all give me such a dark-sided energy. Most of them look like they're just big empty rooms in…
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Woman Post-Wisdom Teeth Extraction Bursts Into Tears Extremely Upset About Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson’s Breakup and It’s the Funniest

Some say laughing gas makes you reveal your most inner truth…
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Seductive Car Wash Trend is Going Viral and Everyone is Taking It Way Too Far With Their Own Sensual Spin On Things

Get wet.
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Swiftie Gets Wisdom Teeth Out, Demands Dentist Become A Fan Too

That's dedication.
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Besotted Teen Couple Get Wisdom Teeth Out On Same Day, Their Post Surgery Separation Anxiety Rivals Romeo And Juliet's Tragedy

Let’s just hope it doesn’t end the same way as Shakespeare.
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That, And I Magically Start Flossing Again

Funny meme about brushing your teeth more than normal in order to prepare for a dentist appointment toothbrush loaded with toothpaste | you have a dentist appointment
Via MohAki1
Informative Twitter thread about dental healthcare

Twitter Thread About One Guy's Struggles With Healthcare Is Incredibly Eye-Opening

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Funny '9 out of 10 dentists' memes

19 'Nine Out Of Ten Dentists' Memes That 10 Percent Of Dentists Are Terrified Of

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15 Toothy Dentist Memes That Deserve A Plaque

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Caption that reads, "How that one out of dentist who doesn't recommend Sensodyne be at the annual dental conference" above a pic of Vegita from Dragonball Z looking annoyed in the corner
Via JustAWeirdLoser

Sir This Is A Dentist's Office

Caption that reads, "Dentist: Open up please; Me: Sometimes I get sad" above a stock photo of a guy getting his teeth cleaned by a dentist
Via DeezNates

He's Back And More Sophisticated Than Ever

Comic about someone losing a tooth named Billy; the other teeth are sad but then Billy grows back as William"
Via aschoobs
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