meme created from President Biden's State of the Union 2023

Funniest Memes of the 2023 State of the Union

Let's be honest, we only watched the SOTU to understand the memes that were sure to come out of it...
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Tweets making fun of house democrats for wearing kente cloth in honor of murdered george floyd | Save actioncookbook @actioncookbook Imagine being shown this photo in 2019 with no explanation Nancy Pelosi in African pattern and face mask | Democrats today Get Out evil parents photoshopped with the cloth

Democrats Meme'd For Kente Cloth George Floyd Tribute

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Twitter thread imagining dates with democratic presidential candidates, bernie sanders, michael bloomberg, joe biden, amy klobuchar, donald trump, elizabeth warren, andrew yang | nicole Najafi @NicoleNajafi Replying NicoleNajafi Joe Biden He takes dinner Meatpacking District. He orders cosmo before arrive, like on new show Sex and City He talks all night about hot nightclub where his friend Barack has table and can "get us Barack never shows up DATE WITH JOE BIDEN 11:07 AM 2/22/20 Twitter Web Ap

Writer Imagines Dates With Democratic Presidential Candidates

Some of these are pretty accurate.
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Funny and cringey tweets designating the democratic candidates as broadway musicals, joe biden, pete buttigieg, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar, michael bloomberg, tom steyer, marianne williamson | Joe Biden: Miss Saigon Deeply its time, which is Vietnam War Kinda racist grandparents love though Miss Saigon | Allison Epstein @rapscallison Replying rapscallison Pete Buttigieg: Dear Evan Hansen just

The Democratic Candidates As Broadway Musicals, Because Twitter

We should not be surprised that this has happened.
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Funny images of democratic candidates with big brains, democratic debate, bernie sanders, cory booker.

Big-Brain Versions Of Democratic Candidates Up The Debate's Funny Factor

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democrats Republicans donald trump Hillary Clinton comics about life choices cows politics web comics taylor swift beyoncé mexican food - 6128901

'Illusion Of Free Choice' Memes Will Make You Rethink Your Own Life Choices

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The More You Know

Funny meme about how rats like jazz when they are on cocaine.
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How Comforting

Funny meme of a sign in chinese, translated it's about rats - saying they will overcome the rats because we are heroes and they are zeroes.
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democrats twitter list bernie sanders Hillary Clinton Video politics - 873221

The Overwhelming Booing at the 2016 Democratic National Convention Has Kicked Off the Party in Philidephia

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politics democrats twitter - 543236

Randy Quaid is on Board With #YELLING at the DNC

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The new slogan for the sit-in?

democrats - 8807300608
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Where Did They All Come From?

democrats Rudy Giuliani scared - 6752326912
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You're All Acting Like Animals

democrats animals politics - 6720571136
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I Feel Bad for These People...

politics judges republican meta democrats - 6700789760
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campaign ad democrats dnc Mitt Romney quotes response Video - 42496513

And Here's the Democrats' Response

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Post Convention Bumps

conventions democrats graph history polls Republicans - 6619591424
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