Text Message I Hate

delete kids birthday text - 8395045120
By ninechrome

Not Again!

rage delete high score - 7946265344
By tentoes2

Delicious Deleted Cookies

cookies delete - 3137290496
By tehkookiemstr

Cyber Toilets

delete cybermen doctor who toilet - 7090955520
By kaminathe12thdoctor

If It's Brown Delete it Down

sign delete toilet Soviet Russia - 3327138816
See all captions By anselmbe


delete life facebook - 3929923072
See all captions By HK01

Socially Awkward Penguin: Makes Good Sense

delete post socially awkward socially awkward penguin - 5641126656
See all captions By Unknown

EHM... EHM...

creepy delete hilarious makeup wtf - 5202866176
By GrinningRat

Paranoid Parrot: It's Been Done Before!

delete favorites liking memebase meta Paranoid Parrot rage comic - 5130835456
See all captions By Onyxtrees

The Polaroids Are Still in My Sock Drawer!

delete i lied naughty photos Rage Comics relationships - 4991973888
By Unknown

Good Guy Greg Doesn't Kiss and Tell

delete girlfriend Good Guy Greg photos pics - 4987612672
See all captions By Unknown

Paranoid Parrot: Delete All Other Friends!

delete facebook friends girlfriend Paranoid Parrot tricks - 4899847424
See all captions By FelipeMago

Paranoid Parrot: I Have Backups Anyway

computers delete file Paranoid Parrot trash - 4918740224
See all captions By Unknown

Delete Cookies?

cookies delete double meaning literalism mistake question - 4828643328
By absolutelyQT

Paranoid Parrot: Turn Capslock On and Off

capslock delete letters Paranoid Parrot password typing - 4840326656
See all captions By Verdugo

Socially Awkward Penguin: Greatest Hits Only

delete facebook funny greatest hits socially awkward penguin status - 4761878272
See all captions By Unknown
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