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30 Fake Deep Posts That Induce Cringe

We live in a society
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The Week's Funniest Shower Thoughts for Deep Thinkers (October 30, 2023)

We're past reading the shampoo label
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cringe, cringeworthy, fake deep, im 14 and this is deep, cringey memes, sad cringe, reddit, reddit memes, cringe pics, deep thoughts, deep

The Cringiest Fake Deep Posts of the Week (October 27, 2023)

We live in a society...
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Funny deep thoughts

Cringey Times People Thought They Were Being Deep

When I was a middle schooler , and if I'm being honest, a high schooler, I thought I was deep AF. The pain that coursed through my little hormonal veins was so potent. My LiveJournal was filled with Radiohead lyrics that not-so-subtly were directed at my ex-boyfriend, and stupid pictures with sad filters and contrived poetry. I scrawled the same lyrics on my ripped jeans and walked miles with my Discman with tears in my heavily lined eyes thinking about how hard my life was. While I grew out of…
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Absurd And Strangely Poetic Memes Of Robert Downey Jr. Commenting On Things

Such wisdom
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funny memes, memes, video games, video game memes, super mario bros, metal gear solid, 8 bit, advice, wise, deep, vintage games, funny, nerdy memes, nostalgic | when tired or hurt best thing do is just get some sleep. So do yourself favor and take nap. | what's Most frightening is humans, not monsters.

40+ Times Video Games Were Surprisingly Wise

Gotta love accidental memes
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20+ Tryhard Posts That Desperately Want To Be Deep

Thanks to the internet, it's never been harder to be a teenager — and boy, are they going to let us know about it. Whether it's the exposure to one too many TikTok dances or a resentment towards being left on read, there's something about the internet that seems to churn out wannabe youthful culture critics. As if that wasn't enough, they're usually about as intellectual as the jokes you read on popsicle sticks, if popsicles were preoccupied with that one Nietzsche quote they read once. On the …
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Funny memes about philosophy | 3 am and contemplate absurd cycle humanity is stuck but realize can entertain this absurdity sake personal meaning and happiness @memeuzby Absurdism Intensifies man with glowing eyes | conflict between human tendency seek inherent value and meaning life and human inability find any The Simpsons aunt with a mouth full of cigarettes

Philosophy Memes for Deep Thinkers

Memes for people who like to feel hopeless about life.
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cringey memes, cringe, deep memes, stupid memes, emo, funny memes, bad memes, facebook memes, we live in a society, deep | trying fix my life all focused on yellow tape, but real support here is other bricks help us be one again and not letting us crumble. | iMessage Today 7:23 PM 1) woke up 2)1 went school 3) saw my crush 4 hugged her 5 kissed her Read 7:23 PM Let guess correct order is 2,3,4,5,1 394.4K Forever Alone

20 Cringey Memes That Are Too Deep For Society

Memes that take themselves very seriously
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Funny and cringey dank memes entitled, "I Have Two Sides" | have two sides side around people and pretend like nothing wrong. Acting like have everything together by smiling, etc alone and wish had deep down hurting side feel all alone think can't get better don't understand why going through this somebody tell problem too. | Benis Barker or Edgy Emo Society Friendly Gentleman Gamer So don't get on my nerves Peter Parker

Fourteen Pseudo-Deep Memes For People Who Think They Have Complex Personalities

So deep.
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Funny Twitter account called "Crap on LinkedIn" that makes fun of posts on LinkedIn | Anyothercitizen Apparently, someone is proud be RACIST (tweaked meaning only explained later Would this be considered as an appropriation CrapOnlinkedin #Volkswagen Am Proud be RACIST ReadtoknowWHY Finally get some timeout work post here my food thought day, No! actually era are feel proud be RACIST both my personal and professional lives, BECAUSE RACI is only religion, understand what - responsible accountable

Hilarious Twitter Account Exposes LinkedIn's Cringey BS

Let the cringe commence!
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High Thoughts

Funny meme that reads, "The youngest picture of you is the oldest picture of you" above pics of a guy looking shocked
Via LeoSenior

I'm 14 And This Is Deep

Funny meme with photos of Donald Trump and text that reads, "Sometimes we put up walls, not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down"
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Deep thoughts, shower thoughts. | People hate writing essays school, yet will willingly write 10-paragraph long essay with sources win an argument online.

20 Deep AF Shower Thoughts For Your Pondering Pleasure

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So Deep

Pic of a bunch of inhalers with caption that reads, "All these inhalers and you still take my breath away"
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shower thoughts with pictures behind the thought to make it more like a meme

20 Sh*tty Shower Thoughts That Will Have You Contemplating Completely Unnecessary Things

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