declaration of independence

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'We love a good educational prank': High school teacher reads a student's break-up note to the entire class, is actually a creative segue into the lesson on the Declaration of Independence

"We're over!" -Love, Thomas... Jefferson
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Aww, You Shouldn't Have!

Caption that reads, "When you get them something you really wanted for yourself" above a pic of nicolas Cage surprising a woman with the Declaration of Independence
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He's On It

Funny meme about nicolas cage and the declaration of independence.
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Damn Straight

history government declaration of independence Video School of FAIL - 62256385

The Declaration of Independence

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50 States, 50 Plates (With a Special Message)

license plates declaration of independence - 8067926272

This is What a True Patriot Looks Like

england declaration of independence - 8053106944

This Gun Will Make You Have a Freedomgasm

guns declaration of independence - 8050575872

The Most Beautiful Breakup Letter in History

america history declaration of independence - 7963944448

The Best Damn Number There Is

1776 cars driving declaration of independence - 8028474624
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This is the Best Break-Up Letter Ever

america declaration of independence - 7908423936