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Crazy Badass Storms Through Traffic Arm, Jumps Rising Drawbridge

Well, we've got a new candidate for Time's person of the year. Or at least the badassof the year. We just don't know their identity. 

In a move that can be described as "sick," "dope," and "really f*cking cool," an impatient driver in Daytona Beach, Florida, decided to take a risk and drive over a rising drawbridge instead of waiting with all the sheep who would prefer to abide by the law. The spectacle was caught on camera, and seriously looks like something out of an action movie.

While we were hoping this daredevil would come out of this scot-free, the stunt was not well-received by police, who believe they've identified our new hero. Though this may be the most talked about instance of Evel Knievel-ry, it seems like jumping over drawbridges is a "Florida Man" trait. A motorcyclist made the dramatic leap last month, and we've even seen footage of a dude running over a bridge with JUST HIS FEET. It's true that these shows of cojones are dangerous and sometimes deadly, so while we're celebrating this instance of success, we must urge you not to try this yourself. Thanks to the videos below, you can enjoy the thrill (and some entertaining reactions) from home. 

Funny and crazy video of dude in SUV jumping over a drawbridge in Daytona Beach, Florida
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