day off

What is the deal with this phenomenon??

Funny meme of Bugs Bunny about how you have energy to wake up early on your day off but no energy when you have to work.
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Funny text message conversation between a boss and an employee | dont even know Fine then prove this isn't Alex Send selfie. Excuse Im not sending anything Just do Oh my god know this is

Boss Trolled For Trying To Make Employee Work On Day Off

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For Real

Funny tweet that reads, "I don't understand people who do things on weekends. You just did things all week. What's next, more things?? That's how they get you"
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I Mean, Yeah

Funny meme that reads, "'I can't wait for my day off;' me on my day off: ..." above an illustration of a skeleton sleeping on a couch
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You'll Figure It Out!

Text message from a manager saying that the restaurant is short-staffed; employee replies that it's crazy and says good luck
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You Earned This

day off pig image - 8998441984
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The Biggest Highlight of My Day Off...

day off phone work - 8248019200
By Bobby_Joe

Before Procrastination Strikes

day off procrastination chores errands - 7111600896
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The Amazing Ferris

day off video games xbox 360 - 7080966144
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Meet Er Pelliccia

best of week day off meme the internets - 5344944896
By Mangalhas (Via Know You Meme)

Please Don't Ask Me to Research How to Cook a Turkey

day off siri thanksgiving - 5347241984
By Hogther

Kicker Cop's Day Off

best of week dancing day off sports the internets this is sparta video games - 5257330176
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God's Day Off

best of week day off god its-jesus painting - 5185071104
By Moshmellow

I Mean, Um, SOME Things

all the things day off Rage Comics - 5153558272
By burntfish123

In That Case, I'll Just Look at Memes All Day

boss day off sign vacation - 5021386496
By imnotjarry