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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (March 15, 2023)

It's rough out there
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dating, relationships, why, cringey, dating apps, cringe pics, cringeworthy, tinder, bumble, hinge

The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (March 8, 2023)

Just stop
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Woman Summarizes Modern Dating on Podcast, Starts Debate for Saying 'Like' 37 Times While Doing So

Defend valley girls
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (March 1, 2023)

Being single never felt better
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Awkward Dating App Interactions That Probably Didn't Lead to Love

Just stay single
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Guy's New 'Netflix and Chill' Variation Has Seemingly Cracked the Code to Online Dating

Guy's New 'Netflix and Chill' Variation Has Seemingly Cracked the Code to Online Dating

This thread was posted to Reddit's r/Tinder subreddit by Redditor u/Throwawayanalyst96 who posted screenshots of their recent Tinder success. The screenshots show his opening line which deviates from the ‘mainstream’ phrase of ‘Netflix and Chill’ and instead offers his dates a chance to ‘Disney+ and Thrust.' Th
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Funny, Wacky, And Just Plain Bizarre Pick Up Lines That People Used on Dating Apps

What on earth
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Article about a Tweet where a dude slides into woman's hinge DMs hoping to meet up with her friend, only to discover it's

Dude Slides Into Woman's DMs To Flirt With Her Friend, Not Knowing Her "Friend" Is Hilary Duff

I'm with her, and by her, I mean Hilary Duff . She is one of the defining stars of our childhood, starring in the Lizzie McGuire series on Disney Channel, as well as the legendary Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003). A trip to Rome was never so iconic, and the accusations of outfit repeating were never so vicious as in that award-winning (Kid's Choice Awards) cinematic masterpiece. Not everyone can recognize Hilary at a glance these days, but those who can are the true McGuire-heads. One fan, Mijal Ten…
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Down Bad Dude Takes Drastic Measures to Get Matches on Tinder

It's clever
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Woman Scares Off Guy On Dating App With Baby Name Joke, Prompts Amusing Thread On Naming Practices

It has a ring to it
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Guy 'Accidentally' Sends Cruel Message to Bumble Match, Proceeds to Act Like a Sociopath

“I can't wait to meet you. You're beautiful *heart eyes emoji* Would 7ish work?” “Thank you, that's sweet *feeling loved emoji* yeah, that should be fine!” TikToker @samantha_roseeeee was excited to meet her Bumble match for the first time. Everything seemed to be going well until he “accidentally” sent her a cruel text message that was supposedly meant for his pals. "All I saw was tits and an easy lay" he said, among other things. But what started out as a seemingly humiliating mistake quickly…
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Woman Gets Told She’s A Catfish, Cuts Accuser Down To Size

The joys of Tinder
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Bizarre Tinder Profile Prompts Speculation And Jokes

Hope Brandon's OK.
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Cringey Times Dudes Exposed Their Neckbeard Tendencies

For almost as long as people have been bumping uglies, the prospect of getting laid has been a bit of a touchy subject . All these societal rules involving "manners" and "not being an entitled jerk" can get confusing sometimes, especially when you are so horny that you can not seem to see straight. Unfortunately, this can lead to some social situations that, if we are being generous and kind, we could say are extremely awkward. If we're being truthful, though, we can acknowledge that they're to…
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Funny memes about being single, singles day, china, funny memes | Day 371 of being single: @gay dumpster I....need a boyfriend | single egg carton Them How single are you? Me OLIV OIL

Memes And Tweets In 'Celebration' Of Singles Day

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Funny video about dating apps from Cracked, Honest Ads

If Dating Apps Were Honest | Honest Ads

What would happen if dating apps like Tinder ,, Bumble and others were actually honest? They'd sound kinda like this - extremely horny.
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