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'This is ten times more narcissistic and toxic than whatever he did to you': Roommate kicks out out guy who ghosted him twice, sparks heated discourse

Opinions are split
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'This is catastrophic': Twitter users discuss the rise of online dating and the fall of meeting people through friends or at school

The tides are shifting
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Boyfriend Asks Girlfriend to Cover Bill and Tell Everyone He Paid, Sparks Debate About Money and Gender

More money more problems
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Man Makes the Ultimate Dating Faux-Pas, Woman Sends a Biting Reply

Guess there wont be a second date
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Woman Gets Dragged for Advising Friend to Shave Her Body to Attract Men

Even in this day and age, it's hard for women out there who refuse to adhere to idealized beauty standards. Not everyone defines femininity the same way, and yet society still tells women that there is a feminine ideal they should be striving toward. No one is inherently wrong for adhering to mainstream beauty standards, just like no one is wrong for rejecting them. However, it is a bit messed up to suggest to someone that they change their appearance to appease the standards of others, especia…
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People Over 26 Give Advice To Those in Their Early 20s

Not the advice they want, but the advice they need
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26-Year-Old Woman Rejects Ice Cream Date Because She Thinks She's Too Grown Up For That

So many people feel like they're so grown up when they're in their mid-twenties. This is allegedly when your brain chemistry is actually adult at that point, so perhaps you do magically become an adult when you turn 25. I am unsure about this because 25-year-olds are only a couple of years older than 23-year-olds, and we are not in completely different maturity stratospheres by any means. My 25-year-old friends might be slightly less of a fool than I am, but they aren't ready to completely aban…
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People Share Invaluable Advice For Couples Moving In Together

1. Talk it out
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People Share Useful Advice They Wish They'd Gotten in Their 20s

Start stretching now
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Top 10 Best Dear Abby Advice Column Responses That Left Readers Speechless

Top 10 Best Dear Abby Advice Column Responses That Left Readers Speechless

This isn't the best article in the world, it's just a tribute.
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Dumb & Wacky Life Tips For People Who Want To Set Themselves Up To Fail

*taking notes*
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Twitter thread and reddit thread about guy who falls for his friend with benefit while in quarantine. | Being quarantined with my (21m) FWB (20f) has changed things between us immensely think realized love her, but almost feel telling her after so long would be unfair. Relationships | Matt Nedostup O @nedostup Replying redditships Has this fuckboy finally become fuckman? 9:28 AM 5/5/20 Twitter iPhone

Dude Falls For 'FWB' In Quarantine & Wholesomely Asks Reddit For Advice

Friends with benefits situations rarely go as planned.
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No They Don't

Caption that reads, "Friends: You give the best relationship advice but you is that possible? Me: Coaches don't play" above a pic of a little kid looking serious
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Lemme TELL You

Caption that reads, "Me giving relationship advice to my friends while I'm the most single person ever" above a pic of Fran from The Nanny saying "Honey, let me impart some wisdom on you"
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Hot Take

Tweet that reads, "I mean, I'm no love expert, but I'm pretty sure the dude making you cry every day isn't your soulmate"
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Weirdly Good Advice

nerds girls graphics video games dating advice - 8161953536
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