Dating is a tricky place. Whether it's online, blind, or a witty pick up line at the bar, the ways to start that dance are nearly endless. Unfortunately, some people still don't manage to navigate its nuances, and end up a lesson what not to do.

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A Collection of Cringey Dating App Encounters This Week (June 7, 2023)

In the trenches
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Woman Shamelessly Sleeps Through Dinner Date, Forcing Date to Pay $70 Cancellation Fee at Michelin Star Restaurant

Where are the manners?
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People Share The Moment They Realized They Were Dating A Dummy

Stupid people are dumb
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Twitter Thread tinder hinge advice red flags dating apps dating - 20794117

Epic Twitter Thread Shares Dating Profile Red Flags That Women Should Look Out For

Dating in 2023 can feel like a minefield. The digital landscape presents unique challenges that simply did not exist for our parents or older generations. While technology has opened up a wider pool of potential matches, it has also introduced a whole new array of pitfalls and problems that make finding true love feel more daunting than ever. Navigating dating apps like Hinge or Tinder can be exhausting. From endless swiping to dead-end conversations, the journey to love often feels like a frus…
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Traumatized Individuals Share the Weirdest Incidents They've Experienced on Dates

Instant ick
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (May 31, 2023)

Never dating again
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Explain Like I'm 35: What is a Beige Flag? (May 28, 2023)

New relationship pathologizing term just dropped
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (May 24, 2023)

Where is the love
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Dude Tapes Crazy Letter On His Neighbors Door After Getting Ghosted, Twitter Debates Who is The Bad Guy

The discourse around the ethics of ghosting has been floating around the internet for years, and it seems like everybody feels strongly about it. I am convinced that some people believe that ghosting is a war crime. I am pro-ghosting in certain circumstances, and I'm no stranger to ghosting people after a first date, especially when nobody mentions wanting a second date during the initial date. My villain origin story for why I don't hate ghosting is one for the books. I went on a date when I w…
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (May 17, 2023)

Make it stop
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (May 10, 2023)

Icks everywhere
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Awkward Dating App Interactions From Perpetual Swipers

Just stay single
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People Share The Moments They Realized They Were Dating A Fool

There are a lot of things you have to gauge about a person on a date when you're meeting them for the first time. First of all, are they a murderer? This is a surprisingly difficult question from vibes alone, so in the meantime, you can move on to other important questions. “Am I attracted to them?” “Do we have anything in common?” “Does speaking to them make me want to gauge my eyes out with a metal spoon?” These are classic first-date reflection questions we all have asked ourselves at some p…
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (May 3, 2023)

Just why
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (April 26, 2023)

True love is nowhere to be found
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Scummy dude asks for sympathy on Reddit after making crass joke and abandoning his girlfriend after their restaurant date

Dude Abandons Girlfriend At Restaurant After Upsetting Her With Misogynistic Joke

We love the r/AmITheAsshole subreddit. It's a brilliant place where people can cast judgment on others based on their actions, and while we enjoy every possible outcome, there's something extra satisfying about seeing clueless, entitled jerks taken down a notch by the people of Reddit. You know the type. They share their story expecting to be cleared of any possible wrongdoing, only to find out their shitty behavior has made them a lot of new Internet enemies. We don't see these posts as much a…
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