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Woman Sparks Debate After Accidentally Ordering Expensive Steak on Date

Eye watering
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Woman Gets Catfished By Her Own Boss

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15+ Men Talk About The Outrageous Things That Made Them Walk Out On A First Date

Take no crap
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People Gripe About Everyone’s Least Favorite Personal Question

Identity crisis incoming
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Man Gets Called Out On Coffee Date, Starts Debate About Tipping Etiquette

A red flag?
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People Are Horrified At This Aesthetic Account’s Idea Of A Perfect Date

Diarrhea central
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Couple Split Opinion With Their Wildly Different Ideas On Date-Appropriate Outfits

One of the lesser talked about truths about being in a relationship is that there’s probably always going to be one person in a couple who’s always better dressed. Obviously, this doesn’t have to be a big deal; so long as both parties are comfortable with each other’s choices, there is no need to worry about the opinion of your friend who wants you to dump them. That said, this can change when things get more high stakes. For your average fancy date night, you might expect that your partner wou…
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Funny Twitter meme about being on a date with a houseplant | An English Human @English_Channel [on a date with a houseplant] Me: everything ok? you hardly touched your dinner. Houseplant: Yes, I'm just eating light
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Sexist dating standards for women from the 1930s | black and white vintage photo of couple on a date DON'T TALK ABOUT CLOTHES or try describe new gown man. Please and flatter date by talking about things he wants talk about

1930s Dating Advice Proving Life Was NOT Better Back In The Day

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Funny memes about dating, relationships | Help Oh, Help injured horrible, horrible agonizing pain fallen fallen love with beautiful eyes haha l gotcha doing baby. illustration of person clutching their knee. the spice girls holding signs: IF WANNA BE MY LOVER GOTTA TELL BECAUSE IM CLUELESS

Thirty-Six Dating Memes For Anyone In The Courting Stage

It's cuffing season!
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Still Applies In 2020

Funny meme that reads, "This is how I'm sliding into DMs in 2019" above a Tinder conversation where someone pretends that his emoji dog Max ran off into someone's DMs
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Cringey text message conversation between a woman and a guy she went on a date with over a year ago

Manchild Flips A Lid On Woman He Went On One Date With

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Story of a cringey date

Crazy Dude Totally Freaks Out On His Date Because He's 'Stressed Out At Work'

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This Guy Helped His Little Brother With His First Date And It's Cute AF

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Every Day is a Test

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