Stuff that seems harmless but is actually dangerous

Things That Seem Harmless But Are Actually Dangerous

As humans we are constantly being told what is bad for us. Don't drink this. Don't eat that. We all know that smoking causes lung cancer, and that fatty and processed foods are nearly poisonous to your body. Drugs? Fuhgeddabout it. We talk a lot less about the stuff that seems completely harmless but could actually really mess us up. Redditor u/Sealedbox recently asked the r/AskReddit community to share situations, objects - and even animals - that fall into this category. They came through wit…
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Hotheads Reveal the Worst Thing They've Ever Done in a Fit of Anger

Watch out
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Twitch Streamer Gets Ridiculed For Setting Kitchen On Fire While Cooking

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Caption that reads, "Danger presented by Ohio" above a map of the United States where Ohio is portrayed as a danger zone
Via tacosharks

This Seems Cruel And Unusual

Sign showing a drowning person that looks like "lol"
Via anlyin

See Ya in the Emergency Room

FAIL danger signs - 8801395712
Created by Corleone21

I Suppose I Better Find Another Way to Die

danger IRL high voltage sign - 8752883456
Via ThousandLiHorse

But Who Does That Leave?

monday thru friday sign danger safety first - 8257421056
Via theCHIVE

That'll Show 'Em

danger warning signs - 8234404864

Don't Be an Idiot and You Should Be Fine

danger warning signs - 8186639872

We'll Let It Slide Just This Once!

danger no smoking - 7978124544
Created by Unknown

Okay... You Got Me

danger fire smoking - 7965790720
Created by Unknown

Santa Has a Dangerous Job

anime danger funny santa wtf - 7960518144
Created by Unknown

Breathe With Me

danger cpr wine funny web comics - 7670493696
Via Left Handed Toons

The Sign Warned You

ouch FAIL gifs danger signs funny - 7449080576
Created by anselmbe

He's a Harbinger of Danger

danger run doctor who - 3426080000
See all captions Created by Jof4s
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