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Free Spirits Get Roasted for Dancing in the Rain in New York

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Article about Drew Barrymore's TikTok Featuring Her Dancing in the rain.

Drew Barrymore Shares Wholesome Video Of Her Frolicking In The Rain

It's rare to see child actors who have had unimaginable struggles come out on the other side happy and thriving. That's why this era of Drew Barrymore's career has been so splendid. The 47-year-old actress is having a blast on her daytime talk show and has been getting attention online recently for her incredibly earnest TikTok account.
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Over 60s Twerk Competition Sets Twitter Alight

This is talent
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Girl Gets Dad To Model Her Clothing Line, Hilarity Ensues

It's a look.
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Real Life Peppa Pig Goes Hog Wild At Kid’s Birthday

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New York Driver Prompts Debate After Comical Response To Road Rage

From seasoned taxi drivers to freshly granted license holders, anyone who has driven in the big smoke will tell you that it’s an entirely stressful experience. All the traffic jams, toll rates and angry drivers are enough to put anyone on edge; it’s nothing short of a miracle that people don’t snap more often. However, when they do the results can be explosive. This isn’t always a bad thing, though, as @bcheungz has proved. The Twitter user has recently gone viral after capturing an altercation…
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Oppa Gagnam Style

Funny meme about people making fun of Fortnite dances when people were doing the gagnam style dance in 2012
Via u/Murky-Frosting
Funny video from Boston Dynamics, robots dancing

Video: Boston Dynamics Shows Off Their Robots' Impressive Dance Skills

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Funny Christian hip-hop video, cringe videos, christianity, evangelists, televangelists | Y'all... Come look at this | This dude said f a moonwalk lemme hit the disciple slide!

Vintage Christian Hip-Hop Performance Brings The Cringe

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Funny meme that reads, "Even tho this is a picture you can tell she is off beat" above a photo of Kendall Jenner dancing.
Via HeyDidYouKnowYouCanChangeThisAtAnyTimeBecauseIDidnt
Funny dank memes about the dancing pallbearers | death grim reaper comic HEY IS TIME GO HELP | coffin dancers carrying planet earth leaked footage May:

'Dancing Pallbearers' Memes Have Completely Taken The Internet By Storm

These are gold.
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Cha Cha Real Smooth

funny meme about the dance floor using images of ancient roman battles, cha cha slide, history memes, dancing
Via @memebase
Funny and cute video of a dog dancing in a competition with his human.

Adorable Doggo Dances Better Than Majority Of Humans

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Funny Videos dancing viral videos bagpipes scotland flossing floss - 96707329

Video: Kid Flossing To Bagpipe Cover Of 'Mamma Mia' Is Our New Hero

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The Moment The Drugs Kick In At The Club

Via corndogdizzle

Y'all Like The Sprinkler?

Caption that reads, "When I try to dance" above an ad that reads, "Crest - Noticeably White"
Via PolyAnnabelle
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