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Man Tries To Catch Alligator With A Trash Can, Succeeds

The redemption arc of Florida Man.
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Chaotic Little Caesars Review Has People Bringing More Questions Than Answers

When we look up our local takeout on Google, we might have a few preconceived notions about what the review section is going to look like. Something something food quality, something something delivery time, at least one bozo complaining about the quality of the service because they forgot to add napkins. Look up the Little Caesars in Atlanta, though, and you’ll see a break in tradition: namely, a woman appearing to get dragged out the store by her follicles. This discovery was made by @aliyahI…
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Lorde Crushes ‘Hot Ones’, Puts The Fear Of God Into The Rest Of Us

It’s always a novelty to find out a celebrity has a hidden talent, and the more unexpected the better. You don’t become a worldwide pop star in your teens without being in a different league to the rest of us, but a recent video has proved that Lorde is more than just her music; she also has a superhuman tolerance for heat. not lorde just casually enjoying eating the hottest wings with barely a flinch — chu (@chuuzus) July 29, 2021 Long running series Hot Ones has def…
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Long Dog Breaks The Internet With Her Exceeding Longness

The world of dog breeds is one of the most varied among all pets . The differences between a Dachshund and a Great Dane testify to the power of genetics. Even though this variation is pretty normalized, it can still come as a shock to see it at extremes, as with one dog who has recently been in the spotlight for her unconventional appearance. Eris is a Borzoi whose TikTok account, @eriszoi , is dedicated to her exploits. Her extremely elongated size has baffled the internet, and people can’t st…
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Parasites, Wars And Decorative Corpses Plague An Entertaining Thread About The Perils Of Plants

I feel more knowledgeable, but also betrayed somehow.
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Doom Laden Compilation Video Reflects On The Wild Ride Of The Past Few Weeks

What is happening?
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Social Media Users Left Shaken After One Woman’s Close Encounter With A Whale

Not what anyone was expecting.
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Video Boasts About Extreme Workout Methods And People Are Scared

Surely exercise doesn’t have to be this miserable.
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Funny meme about playstation 5 price | funké @funkemcfly sony revealing how much the ps5 is cashier behind a sign that reads please don't say damn when you hear the price
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Damn, That Hits Hard

Tweet that reads, "My friend just said to me: 'Sometimes you have to make peace with the fact that you are the villain in someone else's story even if you thought you were doing the right thing. You don't get to tell them how to narrate their experience.' A word"
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A Fishy Situation

damn swearing fish - 7295696128
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gangsta damn Office Space - 3500216064
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damn trix rabbit huge - 3480077312
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But I Don't Think You're Ready for This Jelly

dam damn idiom literalism homophones jam - 6958604800
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Rhett Beaver

dam damn doe do quote - 6796830208
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damn sexy times mail - 4428706816
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