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Video of a Dam's Gate Opening Sparks Comically Inappropriate Comment Section

Always check the comments
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Gimme That Good Sh*t

Object-label meme where the damn represents "I don't like to gossip" and water coming out of it represents "But..."
Via oddments
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27 Random Memes That'll Murder Your Monday Blues

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I See What You Did There

dam puns funny - 7579192320
Via Niknaks Blog

You Otter Beaver-y Embarrassed Right Now

confusion dam beaver otter - 7042472960

But I Don't Think You're Ready for This Jelly

dam damn idiom literalism homophones jam - 6958604800
Via Pacific Islanders

Rhett Beaver

dam damn doe do quote - 6796830208
Created by Static_Bunny

Dam Nose

america Clint Eastwood dam Memes nose spelling - 6432147712
Via Wolves' Clothing

I'm Really Only Posting This Because I Lol'd For No Reason

cliché dam Hall of Fame lolwut meme - 5798994176

Bad Joke Eel Attended the Funeral

Bad Joke Eel dam fish funeral swears - 5793918464
See all captions Created by Arachaic


dam damn FRIDAY homophone literalism Movie - 4751271680

He's Gonna Buck That Body of Water Up!

beaver dam damn double meaning literalism river - 4728085504
Created by Ccook55


dam definition literalism silent sound - 4477646592
Created by Aleal

Philosoraptor: Dating

beaver dam lesbian philosoraptor - 4253504256
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Lame Pun Coon - Fish

animemes dam fish Lame Pun Coon Memes wall - 4240588544
See all captions Created by izroxman123