He's Watching

Caption that reads, "Therapist: Long isn't real and it can't hurt you; Long Cow: ..." above a pic of Long Cow
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One Of Us

Caption that reads, "When you've gained their trust and they start taking you in as one of their own" above a pic of a guy standing in a pasture of cows wearing a cow hat while saying, "Moo"
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Oh, Okay

Someone says 'Hi' and the second person goes off into a rant about how the Keto diet is the best diet in the entire world and will solve virtually all of your problems
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Sneaky Marketing, Eh?

Tweet that reads, "Just heard '9 out of 10 Olympians grew up drinking milk' on an ad for Milk Life. I mean okay I get what they're trying to do but I'd be willing to bet 9 out of 10 serial killers drank their fair share of milk as well"
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Noooo Moooore

Caption that reads, "Me: Drinks milkshake; My lactose intolerance for the fourth time this week..." above a pic of angry Random Fish Guy from Spongebob saying, "How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?"
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The Plan Worked

Tumblr post about how white people can be controlled using cheese; someone responds that cheese is really good, and OP replies, "I got one"
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What Nerve!

dairy puns headlines funny - 7628464384
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Thanks, NPH

cliché dairy homophones how i met your mother legend legendary Neil Patrick Harris - 5523677952
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cow dairy homophone legendary literalism Neil Patrick Harris song - 4921809152
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