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The Loudest Sound In The World

Funny meme about dads sneezing loudly.
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Funny dad joke about butterflies.
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Funny and relatable parenting memes

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Funny memes and tweets.

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Oh Darn!

Caption that reads, "'Kid: [sobbing] Something happened to my toy, Daddy! It's not making sounds anymore!' You: ..." above pics of a Star Trek character looking sarcastically shocked
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Funny random memes.

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Funny meme about helping your dad change a lightbulb.
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Cool Dad Alert

Funny tweet about dad telling his kid the moon's size is a bug in the simulation.
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dumb memes, dads answering the phone by saying yellow, the pink panther not getting any texts

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Funny meme about dad sneezes.
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middle class, average joe

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