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Funny memes about how dads fall asleep as soon as they sit down on the couch.
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Twenty-Nine Carefully Curated Meme Treats For The Humor-Deprived

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Funny pictures of dad fasion, socks with sandals, fathers.

24 Fashionable Dads That Deserve Our Sartorial Respect

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Bad jokes funny tweets about dad, dad jokes, dad humor, funny.

15 Times Dads Murdered The Comedy Game

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Too Real

Funny meme about dad trying to help depressed kid.
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14 Dad Memes And Jokes That'll Inspire You To Wear Socks With Your Sandals

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He Will Appear

Tumblr post explaining how to summon a dad, including putting socks and sandals in the circle
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Lol Dads

Pic of a middle-aged guy watering some plants under the caption, "I lost my dad at Walmart and ended up finding him in the garden section watering plants"
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I Think Not

Pic of Homer Simpson falling asleep over a newspaper with the caption, "If your dad doesn't fall asleep like this on the couch by 9pm is he really even your dad?"
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Ya Gotta Love Dads

Girl texts her dad that she had to go home early from work due to 'lady issues' and her dad assumes it was another woman being mean to her
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Dads Can Be Hardcore Too

"My dad turns up his podcast next to kids who are blasting their music"
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