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Bad dad joke meme about cropped images and original images, crops, wheat
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funny dad jokes, memes and tweets, Leonardo DiCaprio Django Unchained | Dads pointing stud finder at themselves | Nurse: Sorry waiting My dad: no problem l'm patient nurse: My dad: Mike Wazowski face swap Sulley

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Hi, hungry.
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Funny dad joke memes, punny memes, pun memes | Therapist wife says never buy her flowers is true? Him be honest never knew she sold flowers. Ig: pun_bible | man in nature Can call back PunHubOnline just watching live stream Pun hub

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puns, Funny memes, captain america memes, dank memes, dad jokes, marvel memes | French fries aren't cooked in France Where are they cooked? In Greece
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Corny memes, dad jokes, puns | INDIAN HILLS COMMUNITY CENTER AND END MANKIND USED SO MUCH TOILET PAPER, THEY WIPED THEMSELVES OUT | Allison @AllieLia woman is sitting at her deceased husband's funeral man leans her and asks Do mind if say word No, go right ahead woman replies man stands, clears his throat, says "Plethora and sits back down Thanks woman says means lot"

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Hi Hungry, I'm Dad.
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Cow trying to get on a bus with the caption, "Cow: is this bus going downtown? Driver: depends on whether or not you have moola; Cow: I'm fucking late to work Craig"
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