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Well That Escalated Quickly

Comic where someone recites the schoolyard rhyme about two people sitting in a tree, but it takes a dark turn
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No Other Way To Put It

Cyanide and Happiness comic about one guy cheating on his friend's wife
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Funny cyanide and happiness short.

Video: Enjoy Another Darkly Funny Short From Cyanide and Happiness

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Funny video from Cyanide and Happiness.

Cyanide and Happiness Goes Wholesome, Whaaaaa??

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funny cyanide and happiness comic about getting out more.
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Funny video about funerals from Cyanide and Happiness.

This Cyanide and Happiness Short Imagines A World Where Funerals Are EXTRA Dark

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Funny cyanide and happiness video about weight loss.

This Cyanide And Happiness Short Reveals One Weird Trick For Easy Weight Loss

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Collection of random and funny web comics form cyanide and happiness, safely endangered, about animals, dating killing, the president, parents, santa claus, animals.

22 Web Comics That Will Brighten Your Day

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The Conspiracy is Real

Funny web comic from Cyanide and happiness involving the earth and the moon talking about the first encounter in '69 - the earth says she faked it which is a joke about people who believe the moon landing wasn't real.
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cyanide and happiness videos funny fast food - 86461953

Cyanide and Happiness - Drive-Thru

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kickstarter cyanide and happiness card game web comics - 78104065

Cyanide & Happiness is Making Their Own Card Game Called "Joking Hazard"

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Illeagel Activities

cyanide and happiness homophone illegal suffix - 6795627008
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The Loan Ranger

cyanide and happiness double meaning homophone literalism loan - 6502747392
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Gurl, You DID NOT Just Call Me Big Foot!

cyanide and happiness Hall of Fame literalism prefix similar sounding - 6300256256
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Time to Wash My Content with Sopa...

blackout day cyanide and happiness Memes SOPA - 5708853248
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clog clogged clogs cyanide and happiness double meaning Hall of Fame literalism science worth it - 5588273152
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