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Cute dogs are the (WOOF WOOF) embodiment of everything that is (WOOF WOOF) good in this world, and also a method of purging (WOOOOFF WOOOFF) the bad. 

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Dog Memes That Even Cat Lovers Can Enjoy

Dogs are precious. Even as a relatively new “cat person,” I cannot turn my back on the adorable, loyal, and sometimes stinky creatures I grew up with. The bond shared with a pet is strong, and there's something about a dog bond that can't be replicated. The eyes, full of devotion. Their grief when you leave home. Most of all, when I think about dogs, I think about Teddy, my family's long-deceased Wheaten Terrier. Teddy was amazing. He wasn't great with other dogs (he wasn't socialized early in…
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Seductive Car Wash Trend is Going Viral and Everyone is Taking It Way Too Far With Their Own Sensual Spin On Things

Get wet.
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Dog Memes and Things For An Emotionally Supportive Scroll

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Funny video of dog entertaining its owner and their friends inspires celebration of all things dogs, pets, cute, wholesome, adorable

Wholesome Dog Video Inspires Well-Deserved Celebration of Canines

We don't deserve dogs. But they bless us anyway.
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34 Adorable Animals Being Hilarious

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Funny and cute video of a dog being protective over an egg

Video Shows How Weirdly Protective Dogs Are Over Eggs

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Funny snarky tweets about dogs

Hilarious Dog Tweets To Counteract All The Spooky Crap

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Wholesome Dog Snaps For The Canine-Deprived

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Wholesome memes and tweets, Samuel L. Jackson holding a kitten, dog showing another dog their stuffed animal through car window.

Wholesome Memes & Moments For Anyone Who Needs Them

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42 Hilarious Animal Memes That Are So Cute You're Gonna Die

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38 Cute 'N Silly Doggo Memes For Your Viewing Pleasure

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32 Funny Memes Of Varying Pointlessness

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35 Rando Memes To Give You A Heckin' Hearty Laugh

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The Best Boi!

Pic of a suspicious-looking Samoyed with the caption, "Skookum sees what you're up to and is very disappointed" above a pic of him looking happy above a caption that reads, "Just kidding, he loves you and knows that you are trying your best"
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But They're So Hungry

Caption that reads, "When you own dogs and try to eat" above a pic of three cute dogs looking at someone with food
Via anlyin

Stop Saying That

Caption that reads, "When someone says 'Have fun at work'" above a pic of a little dog appearing to make an annoyed face
Via Dragonaria
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