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Funny Cat Memes That Are Safe For Animal Lovers With Allergies (May 31, 2023)

This past long weekend, while getting silly and hanging out with my friends, we realized that everyone in the room was a cat person. Sure, I have a few friends with dogs, but the bulk of us seem to have an incurable obsession with felines. And they're all so different. Socks, my friend's grumpy-looking but sweet tabby, has a penchant for pooping in her bed if she doesn't get up and give him attention at an early enough hour. My cultured kitty Gorgeous would never do such a thing. When it comes…
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Weekly Treat of Cat Memes For Feline Fanatics (May 17, 2023)

I went on a long-ish vacation this week, to celebrate a friend's wedding. One thing that every person in the bridal party has in common is that we are all obsessive cat owners. And being away from home, we really, really missed our cats. Somehow, between various wedding duties, we were able to fit in a trip to a cat cafe in beautiful Palm Springs, California. The cafe, cleverly named Frisky Business, was wonderful. The cats? Purrfection. The staff? Doting and delightful. It was the perfect ther…
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Weekly Catch of Cat Memes For Fans of All Things Feline (May 10, 2023)

Being a cat lady is no easy feat. While some people use the term in a derogatory manner as if we're resigned to a spinster's future and kitty litter-covered floors, being a cat-obsessed woman definitely has its challenges. For one, going on trips freely. When I head out for a vacation, I'm forced to give my roommate a long list of instructions that I'm not totally sure he'll pay attention to. It's that or pay a cat sitter to check in on my babies, and in this economy, that's getting more diffic…
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Cat Memes and Snaps For Fans of All Things Feline (May 3, 2023)

Most individuals who have owned pets at some point know the immense entertainment value they can provide. Having a cute and fluffy companion by your side means life is rarely dull, with all its ups and downs. Although sharing your home with a cat offers numerous benefits, it cannot be denied that it comes with its fair share of stress. That's why on some occasions, it is preferable to appreciate our feline friends through the safety of a screen. Cat memes , pics, and snaps are widely available,…
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Weekly Cat Memes Full of Feline Funny (April 26, 2023)

I never thought I would be a cat person. My mom, a staunchly anti-cat dachshund lover, was not shy about her contempt for all felines. She'd recoil when neighborhood cats would come to her for affection, and loudly point out any time she got a whiff of disgusting cat piss. Basically, I was taught that cats are unfit for human companionship. While I enjoyed the company of my friends' feline pets, I never felt the connection. Fortunately, humans have the incredible ability to change their minds,…
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Cute Working Cats Who Are On the Grind

It's not every day you see a cat with a job, but if you asked my cat what her vocation is, she would probably tell you (in trill-y meows) that it's her job to supervise me whenever I take a crap. Then there are the famous bodega cats of New York, fixtures in delis where you can get discount cigarettes and a sandwich for $15 or less. Recently, we became acquainted with the ‘Cats With Jobs’ Twitter account. It's exactly what it sounds like: a lengthy archive of cats who are clearly working hard f…
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Weekly Cat Memes Full of Feline Funny (April 12, 2023)

My baby, my baby, you're my baby
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Weekly Cat Memes Full of Feline Funny (April 5, 2023)

It makes me so sad that black cats often aren't adopted because they're “difficult to photograph.” Imagine getting an animal for the sole purpose of sharing its image on social media! Of course, that isn't the only reason black cats are neglected. Old-timey superstitions about black cats being “bad luck” don't help the adoption rates go up.
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Cat Memes Even Dog People Can Enjoy

My cats are the center of my universe. Somehow I ended up adopting two of the characters that were skulking around my backyard. And there's no turning back. They own the place. They stink it up, they push my stuff off the table, and they also (thankfully) give me cuddles and keep me entertained. As a former “ dog person ,” it's pretty surprising that I'd end up being so obsessed with kitties. It probably has to do with toxoplasmosis. Anyway. Because cat owners are so dedicated to their pets, th…
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People Share Their Most Effed Up & Hmmm-Worthy Cat Photos

We love them all.
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15+ Pictures That Capture The Majesty, Beauty And Hilarity Of Falling Cats

Perfect timing
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20+ Purrfect Pictures of Cats Hanging Out in Sinks

Now that's wholesome
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Mother Cat Brings Adorable Chonky Kittens to Owner's Bed

Cats exhibit all sorts of strange behaviors that humans will never understand. But sometimes the simple actions of an animal can be surprisingly relatable, like when this mother can delivered each of her fat little kittens to her owner's bed. The person who shared the video on Twitter said the cat was expressing her trust in the human, but many in the replies were like, 'Mom just wanted a break—I know the feeling!' Parenting is exhausting for every creature, including adorable mama kitties. Keep
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Funny pictures of cats in weird places | small kitten sleeping inside a car's exhaust pipe | three cats riding a baggage carousel at an airport

20 Cute & Curious Cats Straight Chillin' In The Wrong Places

These cats couldn't be bothered.
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38 Pictures Of Cuddly Cats Then And Now

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Adorable Cat Snaps For Your Caturday Pleasure

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