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Drake's Out of a Job Ever Since This Pug Stole His Moves

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I'm Gonna Connecticut You

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Created by Unknown

One of the Worst Things That Can Happen at Work

Memes First World Problems cut - 7806131712
See all captions Created by plasticFroggy

But Only Where You Want

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It Burns!

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Just a Gentle Reminder

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I Feel Like This Conversation Has Maybe Been TRUNKated...

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Created by fordps3

Maybe You Should Shed That Title...

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Vincent Van Gotye

cut ear gotye Hall of Fame literalism lyric off somebody that i used to k somebody that i used to know Vincent van Gogh - 6349975040
Via Some Artsy Betch

Bring the Right Nub to the Hospital!

cry cut injury Rage Comics - 6099425280
Created by supernamekian

Charlotte's Choice

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Created by Unknown


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See all captions Created by Canned_soup

Rage Comics: A Speedy Delivery to My Bloodstream

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Created by Irrelephance


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Created by SirKetchup
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