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Very Random Memes For a Very Random Weekend

Happy Friday, meme enthusiasts and time wasters. We've put together another collection of meme-tastic delights, curated to kickstart your weekend with a hearty dose of humor, whimsy, and some light absurdity. This diverse selection of memes is ready to tickle your funny bone and take you on a rollercoaster ride from the basic and relatable to the downright surreal. There are memes that lament our penchant for spending money on fleeting joys like food, and memes that touch on the insanity of sim…
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Weird and Creepy Memes for an Unsettling Scrolling Sesh

Any self-respecting meme enthusiast is well aware of their incredible versatility. It really feels like there is a meme out there for every kind of person from every walk of life. Facebook moms go absolutely bonkers for corny and cringey minion memes. Those basic white girls who live for pumpkin spice season? They go absolutely wild for a meme about wine or the crinkle of fall leaves under their Ugg boots. Angry “Kyles” liken themselves to the frustrated incels in Wojak comics . There's somethi…
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Cursed and Comedic Food Memes For Humor-Hungry Food Lovers

Not everyone can be a renaissance man, woman, or person. In fact, it's straight-up unrealistic to think everyone in the world will have diverse set of interests and hobbies. For much of my sad little life, I've felt like a boring person. It's not because I'm feeling constant tedium, and, surprisingly, not because I have zero talents. The feeling of dullness I feel about my personality is due to the fact that all I really care about (besides my loved ones) is food. Cooking it. Eating it. Looking…
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Absurd Memes That Take a Walk on the Weird Side

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Funny and cursed furby memes

A Curious Collection of Cursed Furby Memes, Tweets, & Tumblr Posts

Good ol' nostalgia has a pretty big place on the internet. It may have something to do with the fact that the bulk of its most prolific users are aging millennials. Aging millennials who remember the highs and the horror of the nineties. Some of the most prevalent and cursed nostalgic memes have to do with furbies, the terrifying electronic robot toys that everyone seemed to have but me. The thing is, almost all of my friends have stories of furbies saying creepy things. Sometimes they were abo…
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A compilation of strange, blessed, cursed, and blursed images.

Strange Images That Blur The Line Between Cursed and Blessed

The internet was so much simpler when everyone labeled anything slightly non-normative as “cursed.” Any image that did not depict the most normie, understandable, easily graspable concept was designed an affront to God or some kind of spooky
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Cursed gross and funny food

Cursed Food Memes & Products From Deranged Minds

It seems like a couple of years ago, all of our friends were baking beautiful loaves of artisan bread and sharing their creations on Instagram. There was also that banana bread phase, the Beef Wellington phase (Thanks, New York Times). I don't bake, but I posted my fair share of foodstagrams during the pandemic. But after a while, I kind of lost interest in sharing. I even lost interest in c ooking. Being forced to cook all my own meals for a few years kind of took some of the joy from the proc…
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Randomly Generated Memes that Make a Humorous Amount of Sense

Who would've thought
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Insomniac Shares Absurd Memes Created While Waiting for Sleeping Meds to Kick In

They're kind of beautiful
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Food Memes & Cursed Things For a Tasty Scroll Session

In this world, there isn't much we can count on. Friends and family betray. So do partners. You can have the rug pulled right from underneath you at any time, especially at that toxic job. Life has very few constants, but we have to hold onto the ones we have. For us, that's food. Whether you're totally happy or extremely depressed and lonely, one thing is for certain: you're gonna have to eat. Needing food is a great equalizer, and that's probably why there's so much food content out there. Ou…
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Chaotic Cat Memes That Are Both Silly And Sad

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Decent Memes For Undiscerning Humor Appreciators

If you hate having a decent time sprinkled with light amounts of laughter and smiling, then you should quickly press the "back" arrow on your web browser. We're here to share memes that are just okay , alongside ones that are straight up weird and deal with current events. So while this collection could be considered garbage to meme snobs, negative Nancys and haters of easy humor, it has a lot to offer. We're talking memes about this Russia and Ukraine situation. We're talking relatable anti-wo…
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The Best 'Traumatized Mr. Incredible' Memes for People Who Enjoy Cursed Humor

Most memes are pretty simple. There's a plethora of different meme formats all basically expressing the same idea: good thing vs. bad thing. One popular version of this genre that's been circulating lately features an image of Mr. Incredible looking pleased juxtaposed with a desaturated and reverse toonified version of Mr. Incredible looking disturbed or traumatized. Via KnowYourMeme These memes are used to make some sort of comparison between two disparate situations. For example, the smell of…
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Viral TikTok videos that are cursed, confusing, and hilarious

13 Cursed Viral TikToks That Will Have You Saying "What The..."

What is even going on here?
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An Unsettling Collection of Creepy Memes and Liminal Spaces

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50+ Memes For a Little Mental Break

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