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Tweets and reactions to the fact tthat Neil Patrick Harris had a party and served a cake in the shape of Amy Winehouse's corpse

So, Neil Patrick Harris Might Be a Really Bad Guy

This is seriously messed up.
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People react to disgusting photo of a chop suey sandwich, WTF, disgusting, Massachusetts , cursed food, new england

Cursed 'Chop Suey Sandwich' Goes Viral, Disgusts the Internet

Food can be an incredibly polarizing subject, especially when you get into regional delicacies. I've recoiled at the thought of eating Australia's Vegemite, and the pungent, gooey mess of natto - a fermented soybean dish from Japan. But neither bothers me as much as the questionable-looking chop suey sandwiches of New England. Before this weekend, I lived a pretty innocent existence where food is concerned. My biggest food complaint has been with deep dish pizza, which is actually a tomato soup…
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wikihow, weird, advice, cursed images, illustrations, hmm, dark humor

Weird And Cursed Wikihow Tips That Might Not Be The Greatest Advice

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Kids being weird, funny, lol

Amusing Times Kids Brought the Weird

We've established that kids are dumb. It may sound mean, but it's true. It's not their fault, though. Their brains are underdeveloped. Wish we had that excuse. All things considered, it's entertaining as hell when kids are dumb. But that acceptable (and sometimes encouraged) dumbness has some competition in that department. Because kids are also weird. They do stuff that might actually be smart but weirds us the hell out. There's also the venn diagram overlap of dumb and weird, like the kid bel…
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Funny food memes, surreal memes

Food Memes & Cursed Things For a Tasty Scroll Session

In this world, there isn't much we can count on. Friends and family betray. So do partners. You can have the rug pulled right from underneath you at any time, especially at that toxic job. Life has very few constants, but we have to hold onto the ones we have. For us, that's food. Whether you're totally happy or extremely depressed and lonely, one thing is for certain: you're gonna have to eat. Needing food is a great equalizer, and that's probably why there's so much food content out there. Ou…
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Funny twitter thread where people share their most controversial food takes, food content

Reprehensible Food Takes That Should Be Cancellable

If there's one dumb thing in the world that people love to get heated over, it's food. Most people (unless they're sociopaths who'd rather take a pill than eat) have intense opinions about that stuff we need to eat to survive. The opinions can be as normal as “X is the best place to dine on X,” or as freakish as the Swedish belief that bananas should be on pizza. And no, we're not making that one up. As anyone on the internet can attest, people who like pineapple on pizza get ragged on regularl…
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hmmm, strange, weird, cursed, cursed images, weird images, funny, interesting

Questionable Images That Must Have A Backstory

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cursed, upsetting, wrong, uncomfortable, images, cursed images, weird

An Unnerving Compilation of Cursed and Upsetting Images

Hello, 911?
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zodiac memes, astrology memes, shitposts, gaming memes, horoscopes, gaming setup, computer setup, workstation, cursed images, funny memes, dank memes, memes

The Zodiac Signs as Comically Chaotic Gaming Setups

People who write horoscopes are always flattering the reader with vague positivity and flowery compliments, often making astrology feel insufferably boring. What do the planetary alignments say about the fact that I'm an emotional wreck who habitually sabotages healthy relationships? That's what I want to know. Even most relatable astrology memes fail to realize the comedic potential of the format. Shitposter @nick_vyssotsky did a little astrological trolling with his series of zodiac signs as…
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Funny random memes, funny tweets, humor, lol

Decent Memes For Undiscerning Humor Appreciators

If you hate having a decent time sprinkled with light amounts of laughter and smiling, then you should quickly press the "back" arrow on your web browser. We're here to share memes that are just okay , alongside ones that are straight up weird and deal with current events. So while this collection could be considered garbage to meme snobs, negative Nancys and haters of easy humor, it has a lot to offer. We're talking memes about this Russia and Ukraine situation. We're talking relatable anti-wo…
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Funny memes about food, potato chips, pizza, cursed images

Food Memes & Cursed Things For Humor-Hungry Epicures

Bon appetit.
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Funny twitter thread about gross Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts orders, coffee orders, espresso, caffeine, coffe shops, tweets, amusing tweets, lol, gross, cursed images

Baristas Share Ridiculously Cursed & Complicated Beverage Orders

Oh, the humanity!
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cursed images, cursed, strange, weird, why, photos, images, hmm, damned, damned images

Utterly Damned Images For Eyeball Poisoning Purposes

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Cursed food photos, gross food, cursed images, disgusting nasty

20+ Revolting Food Pics Gordon Ramsay Would Balk At

He'd faint
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language, languages, foreign language, duolingo, app, strange, weird, cursed, cursed images

Weird And Cursed Duolingo Sentences That Definitely Aren’t Vacation Friendly

Maybe they're useful
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architecture, bad design, crappy design, interior design, cringe, cursed images, funny pictures, memes, bad construction, diy, mcmansion, unsettling

40+ Hideous Houses That Are Experiencing an Existential Crisis

An architectural nightmare
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