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A compilation of funny and random memes

Bemusing Memes and Images To Chuckle About

This is not your average meme list. One might say this meme list is a bit random . The posts included in the list are not related to each other in any way. They are simply brought together and placed in an order with no rhyme or reason to it. Isn't that a bit silly? Quite whimsical, if you ask me. Listicles of random memes are, as Lady Gaga so eloquently put it, "talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopper, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done bef…
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'Blursed Images' That Toe The Line Between Good & Bad

The internet has been buzzing about cursed images since the dedicated Tumblr went live in 2015, but we just recently became aware of their slightly more positive brethren, the blessed image and the blursed image. The idea of a blessed image is pretty straightforward: an image that is sweet or wholesome, and leaves one feeling happy. Blursed images are a bit harder to pin down. They're generally photos with the same mystique as a cursed image, but not quite as sinister. The r/blursedimages subre…
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Appalling Comments That Remind Us That The Internet May Have Been A Mistake

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Funny cursed images, humor, weird pics

Cursed Images That Are Disturbing in Their Own Unique Ways

Living and working on the internet can lead to a sort of jadedness that makes everything a little less interesting and also a little less enjoyable. While I can't pretend to be the world's leading expert on internet culture, I can tell you for sure that I've seen my fair share of memes and weird internet pictures. And, of course, a crap ton of cutesy animal content. The latter of which does not want to die. And honestly, the world is a pretty depressing place, so we understand the demand, even…
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AI-Generated Movie Posters Turn Classic Flicks Into Weird Memes

By now, everyone's seen some of the hilariously cursed images generated through OpenAI's infamous AI system, DALL-E. Memelords and regular internet users alike have had a hell of a time testing the system's limits and possibilities, and we've gotten some pretty dank memes out of it. One redditor recently posted a series of fake movie posters that look like DALL-E vomited its closest approximations to some of Hollywood's most famous titles. While most of these are pretty obvious, we've included…
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Funny and cursed furby memes

A Curious Collection of Cursed Furby Memes, Tweets, & Tumblr Posts

Good ol' nostalgia has a pretty big place on the internet. It may have something to do with the fact that the bulk of its most prolific users are aging millennials. Aging millennials who remember the highs and the horror of the nineties. Some of the most prevalent and cursed nostalgic memes have to do with furbies, the terrifying electronic robot toys that everyone seemed to have but me. The thing is, almost all of my friends have stories of furbies saying creepy things. Sometimes they were abo…
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A compilation of strange, blessed, cursed, and blursed images.

Strange Images That Blur The Line Between Cursed and Blessed

The internet was so much simpler when everyone labeled anything slightly non-normative as “cursed.” Any image that did not depict the most normie, understandable, easily graspable concept was designed an affront to God or some kind of spooky
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A Nostalgic Compilation of Memes From 10-20 Years Ago

Nostalgic Vintage Memes That Bring Back The 2000s

Do you remember your first experience with memes ? I fondly remember surfing through image macro websites as a kid, finding the best Bad Luck Brian and Unhelpful High School Teacher memes the internet had to offer. These days, memes move quickly. It's common for a meme to have one day of glory before it falls back into obscurity, unlikely to be circulated again. However, the memes of yore lasted. It was common for singular meme formats to spread for years without dipping in relevancy. It's inte…
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animals, funny animals, weird animals, weird, strange, wtf, weird pictures, cursed images, cute

A Cursed Collection Of Animals Going Goblin Mode

So powerful
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tattoos, tattooing, weird, wtf, art, why, bad tattoos, cursed

A Horrifying Array of Utterly Cursed Tattoos

Just why?
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Weird & Cursed Wikihow Tips That Might Not Be The Greatest Advice

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Cursed and creepy images

A Curious Collection of Weird & Cursed Images

Everyone likes looking at nice things. Last night I stared at a beautiful blue sky. My eyes delighted in all the flowers blooming in my neighborhood. They really loved glancing upon some stray cats sunning themselves in and old woman's beautifully manicured yard. Who doesn't enjoy a sunset, or a stunning ocean view? You'd be hard-pressed to find an individual with that much contempt for beauty. But at the end of the day, sometimes we get a bit of a more visceral reaction from looking at images…
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Funny twitter thread where people share their most controversial food takes, food content

Shameful Food Takes That May Warrant Cancellation

If there's one dumb thing in the world that people love to get heated over, it's food. Most people (unless they're sociopaths who'd rather take a pill than eat) have intense opinions about that stuff we need to eat to survive. The opinions can be as normal as “X is the best place to dine on X,” or as freakish as the Swedish belief that bananas should be on pizza. And no, we're not making that one up. As anyone on the internet can attest, people who like pineapple on pizza get ragged on regularl…
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A Load More DALL-E Mini Memes Because The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Them

They're everywhere
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Funny memes about food, potato chips, pizza, cursed images

Food Memes & Cursed Things For Humor-Hungry Humans

Bon appetit.
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Tweets and reactions to the fact tthat Neil Patrick Harris had a party and served a cake in the shape of Amy Winehouse's corpse

So, Neil Patrick Harris Might Be a Really Bad Guy

This is seriously messed up.
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