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Bing’s New OpenAI-Powered Chatbot Gaslighted, Threatened, and Tried to Seduce Its Users

There's a new chatbot in town and it's unhinged.
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Appalling Comments That Remind Us That The Internet Was Probably A Mistake

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Cursed Amazon Product Reviews for Five Star Prime Members and Avid Online Shoppers

Alexa, come pick me up, I want to go home
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People Share Things That Are Technically Legal But Comically Twisted

There's no rule against using both hands to put on lip balm
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Absurd Memes That Take a Walk on the Weird Side

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Blursed images, cursed images, blessed images, weird photos, freaky photos, creepy photos, strange photos. | Person - ADULT VIDEO JESUS IS WATCHING Roman Catholic Churches Sa

'Blursed Images' That Toe The Line Between Good & Bad

The internet has been buzzing about cursed images since the dedicated Tumblr went live in 2015, but we just recently became aware of their slightly more positive brethren, the blessed image and the blursed image. The idea of a blessed image is pretty straightforward: an image that is sweet or wholesome, and leaves one feeling happy. Blursed images are a bit harder to pin down. They're generally photos with the same mystique as a cursed image, but not quite as sinister. The r/blursedimages subre…
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A compilation of strange, blessed, cursed, and blursed images.

Strange Images That Blur The Line Between Cursed and Blessed

The internet was so much simpler when everyone labeled anything slightly non-normative as “cursed.” Any image that did not depict the most normie, understandable, easily graspable concept was designed an affront to God or some kind of spooky
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A Cacophony of Cursed Comments From Deranged Netizens

My eyes
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Horrible Examples of High Potency Cringe

Share the pain
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A Load More DALL-E Mini Memes Because The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Them

They're everywhere
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cursed, internet, internet of things, smart car, smart devices, amazon, dystopia, technology, creepy, funny tweets, twitter, facebook, google, robots, artificial intelligence, fail | Casey Neistat i forgot the login credentials for my robot vacuum WHAT A COMPLETELY INSANE THING TO SAY | Jaap Stronks @jaapstronks So you cannot ring my DOOR BELL because someone changed it into a British HOTEL BOOKING WEBSITE

Compelling Reasons Connecting Everything to the Internet is a Mistake

Welcome to the Internet of Crap
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Questionable Images That Must Have A Backstory

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Decent Memes For Undiscerning Humor Appreciators

If you hate having a decent time sprinkled with light amounts of laughter and smiling, then you should quickly press the "back" arrow on your web browser. We're here to share memes that are just okay , alongside ones that are straight up weird and deal with current events. So while this collection could be considered garbage to meme snobs, negative Nancys and haters of easy humor, it has a lot to offer. We're talking memes about this Russia and Ukraine situation. We're talking relatable anti-wo…
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Utterly Damned Images For Eyeball Poisoning Purposes

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20+ Revolting Food Pics Gordon Ramsay Would Balk At

He'd faint
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Weird And Cursed Duolingo Sentences That Definitely Aren’t Vacation Friendly

Maybe they're useful
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