beer expiration date image Brewery Worker Is Awarded Employee of the Month for a Prank That Caused the Recall of 200,000 Beers
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A brewery worker at BrewDog decided to print a very unique date as the expiration date on their Punk IPA beers. Unfortunately, that date was a little too ambiguous to legally sell in the UK leading to the recall of around 200,000 beers. Don't worry though, the guy who did it was named employee of the month. 


Censorship of The Day: London Coffee Shop Forced to Replace Brilliant Yet "Offensive" Sign
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A coffee shop in London has been forced to remove a sign displaying the shop's name from outside its building.

But the shop's response was rather cheeky.

The coffee shop was rebranded more than a year ago from the more boring "Bermondsey Street Coffee."

Then the owners received this letter this month from the lawyers of the owners of the building.

Seeing as they had no real choice in the matter, they replaced the sign.

Here's the new sign.

Effective? Yes.

Just as funny? Nah.