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Weird Movie Reviews That Are As Amusing As They Are Worrisome

Everyone's a critic.
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Funny dank memes about taking an ancestry DNA test | man in tracksuit squatting on a railing says 3% Russian life_of gopnik. alexandria ocasio-cortez says 05% Italian

14 Ancestry Memes That Poke Fun At Stereotypes

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funny realizations about usa culture | Sugar visited Japan, even some their sweetest desserts pale comparison much sugar is American food.

18 Americans Explain What They Were Surprised To Learn Is Strictly 'Murican

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Funny memes about Jeff Goldblum

Sixteen Jeff Goldblum Nuggets In Honor Of The Suave Dude Himself

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Funny meme about white people culture, saying they invented spicy water. The spicy water is actually sprite.
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The Greater Good...

twitter deadpool culture web comics - 8746148608
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culture demotivational hilarious modern life parenting Terrifying TV - 3376406784
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But It Looks So Tight

fashion robots culture web comics - 8448533760
By ldmt1995 (Via Poorly Drawn Lines)

Birds of a Feather

birds culture inappropriate web comics - 8419996928
Via Animal Problems

Your Computer Cares How Smart You Look

smart computer funny culture - 8367994112
By Unknown

I Bet They Don't Even Bounds of Disposable Cultural Commodities Filling Up Wastelands

sad but true culture web comics - 8319123968
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An Insoit Inta Ostraylien Colcha

australia nice culture web comics - 8228663552
By Unknown

Always Appear Cultured

fancy idiots funny culture - 8120399104
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Well That Solves That Problem

trash culture web comics - 7984961536
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Colors by Culture

religion colors culture design infographic - 7941226496
By NowSourcing (Via

When You're Left Ineffable, Turn to Other Cultures

words culture - 7769703424
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