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Sinister-Looking ‘Croc Golem’ Has Ugly Footwear Fans Rethinking Their Life Choices

With its increase in sales, high fashion updates and multiple celebrity endorsements, the 2020s are shaping up as the era of the croc renaissance. Comfortable and now fashionable too, people are converting to the footwear in their droves. However, this newfound appreciation is not all sunshine and rainbows. This was proved by Twitter user @tresdessert , who recently stumbled upon a horrifying croc-based abomination. Dubbed an “extremely cursed croc golem”, the photo appears to show a humanoid/c…
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Tumblr thread explains scandal of Flordelis murder, hitman, cult, evangelism, brazilian politics | this is Flordelis. She's brazilian gospel singer, congresswoman, and as just found out this week, murderer and cult leader. She became relatively famous 90s by creating this image saintly, evangelical woman around her. She had 3 biological children and had adopted 5 teenagers (one them is Anderson do Carmo, who would go on become an evangelical pastor, keep mind Those are her Kids. Why Kids“?

Tumblr Thread Explains Brazilian Political Scandal Involving Evangelist Cults And Murder

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Funny video sketch about when your friend gets involved in a pyramid scheme

Video Sketch About That One Friend Who Gets Involved With A Pyramid Scheme

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Funny memes about Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars | If like this photo, absolutely nothing will happen. Thank kenobi_daily Ewan McGregor | someone tries argue Chris Pratt would make better Obi-Wan than Ewan McGregor are_a bold one Edgeworth are not clown are entire circus. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Fifteen Obi-Wan Memes For Masters Of The High Ground

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.
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Funny video of a song added to Kenneth Copeland speaking in tongues in church

Remix Of Televangelist Speaking In Tongues Is Actually Quite A Jam

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Text that reads, "What if instead of laughing people just screamed 'funny' repeatedly?"
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metal cult worship Video - 59410433

Caged Worship

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The Disney Cult

cult disney - 6213972224
By Michael

Not Just Gay, "Wildly Homosexual"

cult Movie gay - 6938168832
By Unknown

The Rescue Rangers Cult

cult wtf - 5455810560
By butterflyperception

Advice Dog: Start your own religion

advice dog cult hipsters kill religion - 4535928832
See all captions By Tenma_sensei


cult teletubbies wtf - 4444617728
By Unknown


black and white costume cult monster wtf - 4001518592
By snuggledingo


cult gas mask nature nudity wtf - 3504251648
By Unknown

Justin Bieber Cult

cult cute gross homosexuality justin bieber Yahoo Answer Fails - 4243160320
By Irene