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27 Pickle Memes That Are a Huge Dill

Pickleheads rise up
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Caption that reads, "Me: Yo pass the aux cord; Friend: You better not play trash; Me: ..." above a pic of 'Silly Songs with Larry' next to a pic of a guy dancing
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Things Will Never Be The Same

"The best part of a cucumber tastes like the worst part of a watermelon"
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It's Not Just Cats Who are Afraid of Cucumbers

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Thanks to This, I'll Never Eat a Cucumber Again

humans are cucumbers with anxiety
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cucumber Cats funny Video - 75948033

The Age Old Battle of Cats Vs Cucumbers

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cucumber plant Sad - 5339170560
Created by Chaedi

Please Explain What Are You're Planning on Doing With Those Two Items?

Photo of a person purchasing just 2 items, Vaseline and a cucumber. You figure it out.

Sometimes a Cucumber Is Just a Cucumber

insecurity cucumber Kim Jong-Il funny - 7652221696

Sometimes You Just Love Your Teachers

wtf cucumber teachers funny - 7646111488

The Titanic Is in a Real Pickle

titanic lettuce cucumber iceberg - 6996125440
Created by Meqad

His Acting Method is Very Organic

benedict cumberbatch shoop cucumber similar sounding - 7081199360
Created by spoffle

If You Know What I Mean

sign cucumber that sounds naughty - 6991723008

Healthy Eating?!?

sexytimes cucumber yahoo answers - 6600868096
Created by -Ghost-

Do You Get It?

boat crash cucumber danger iceberg ICWUDT lettuce sea ship - 6171145216
Created by anselmbe


cucumber panties Party Pure Awesome wtf - 5975710720
Created by xyzpdq1
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