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30+ Sad Crypto Bros Failing and Facepalming

To the moon
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Keanu Reeves Thinks NFTs Are a Joke and Fans Are Thrilled

'Matrix' star reveals feelings about Metaverse, cryptocurrency, and VR
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Funny tiktok from Sahib Singh about how stupid NFTs are

Comedian Masterfully Roasts NFT Bros in Hilarious Video

NFT this. NFT that. If you're confused by these “non-fungible tokens,” you're not alone. While we hoped that they'd prove to be a passing crypto bro phase, but judging by the sheer volume of hideous ape profile pictures on Twitter, they're not going anywhere anytime soon. The worst aspect of this fad is the contingent of dudes who simply will not shut up about the volatile world. When you ask them to explain they just provide useless strings of words and lots of hand gestures. Comedian Sahib Si…
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15+ Absurd NFTs That Don’t Look As Expensive As They Probably Are

Is this art?
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15+ Fails & Follies From Overconfident Crypto Bros

If you've got a taste for schadenfreude and a little bit of contempt (or confusion) towards the crypto/NFT sector, we've got a treat for you. As the internet buzzes about the potential of non-fungible tokens and crypto bull runs, many coin proselytizers manage to make fools of themselves on Twitter and Reddit. Sometimes they're sharing a massive loss that occurred due to overconfidence or sheer stupidity . Other times these “bros” just say shit that makes them sound incredibly dumb. We can't sa…
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If Cryptocurrency Was Honest | Honest Ads

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Funny meme about buying the dip, crypto crash, bitcoin, cryptocurrency memes, ethereum, dogecoin

Devastating Crypto Crash Inspires Memes From Unhappy HODLers

Buy the dip, they said.
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As Crypto Bloodbath Traumatizes HODLers, Twitter Copes Through Memes

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bitcoin, bitcoin memes, elon musk, dogecoin, stock market, cryptocurrency, funny memes, funny tweets, money, memes, funny, gamestop, meme stocks | Ran Neu-Ner @cryptomanran boy asked his bitcoin-investing dad 1 bitcoin his birthday. Dad 15,554 14,354 is lot money do need $16,782 anyway? | Risking all on Bitcoin Starting with lower risk, low cost index fund ETFS New investors Putting time into learning about stock market Saving up an emergency fund Paying off all credit card debt skipping stairs

Bitcoin Memes For Crazed Crypto Hodlers

Diamond hands baby
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Funny memes about the return of Dogecoin cryptocurrency

Dogecoin Memes For Diamond-Handed HODLers

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Don Caldwell of Know Your Meme explains how Dogecoin went from meme to investable Cryptocurrency, altcoin, Elon Musk, robinhood, stock market, pump and dump

Watch: Dogecoin and the Power of Memes

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Funny tweets about Teletubby cryptocurrency parody, lol, TubbyCoin, wildbrain, twitter reactions, bitcoin

No, Tubbycoin Isn't Real, and No, Not Everyone Got the April Fool's Joke

Thank god
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Oh Snap

Funny meme about bitcoin and college.
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