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37 Funny Bird-Themed Memes Because Why Not

These memes quacked us up
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crows crow - 97404161

This Convo Between A Cat And A Crow Is Just The Interspecies Content We Deserve

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Get Outta Here

Tweet that reads, "My favorite animals at the zoo are just the random birds walking around like they belong. Go home pigeon, this is fancy bird town"
Via sgmacman

Would Watch

Funny meme about law and order.
Via memewhore

Crows For President

Funny tweet about crows making fun of humans.
Via library-graffiti

Crow Gives No Clucks

crows gifs critters wipers windshield wipers - 8560414208
By Unknown

This Crow is Smarter Than Most People

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Can I haz a lift, Iz tired

crows eagles birds gifs critters - 8526827264
By ani.s4 (Via Blaze Press)

Crow Trolls Rottweiler

dogs crows gifs critters - 8525513216
By Unknown

Crows Having Fun

fun crows gifs critters leaves - 8504604160

Crow Strikes RC Plane

crows mindwarp gifs planes critters - 8502953984
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Crow Attempts to Disturb Panda Eating Bamboo

crows gifs critters - 8501623296
By Unknown

Oh, Crow, You In So Much Trouble

crows gifs bears critters - 8495003136

One Sneaky Crow

crows birds gifs critters sneaky - 8490302208
By Unknown

Crow Checks Out a Camera at The New Hockey Stadium

crows birds gifs critters - 8451726336
By Unknown
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The Top 20 Cats GIFs From 2014

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