Hold Up Now

Caption that reads, "Me when I'm crossing the street and a car acts like they not gonna stop" above pics of a guy staring off into the distance
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The Ministry of Silly Crosswalks

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Lucky Grandpa

almost a FAIL crosswalk gifs Grandpa lucky mindwarp yikes - 6487560704
By _C_A_T_

Made It Across Alive

gifs scooters crosswalk - 8464153344
By ToolBee

Traffic Is Horrible Around There

ministry of silly walks sign crosswalk funny - 8391027456
By Unknown

Well Trained Doggie

crosswalk animals dogs - 8337778688
By anselmbe

Push It Repeatedly

crosswalk - 8296200960

Don't Mind Me!

driving crosswalk traffic - 7797378048
By Unknown

We're Both Too Polite

cars driving crosswalk politeness - 7733654016
By Unknown

Teaching Crosswalk Safety

gifs ducks critters cute crosswalk funny - 7720847616
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

I'm Very Cross With You

wtf cross running crosswalk funny - 7471267072
By Jebstat

Stupid Timers Making Me Run

Challenge Accepted crosswalk feel like a ninja Okay funny - 7456985344
By Unknown

Let's Hope They Don't Back Up

pedestrians crosswalk Good Guy Greg traffic - 7116740864
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Always Look Both Ways

crosswalk traffic - 7043912960
By Unknown

In Case of Emergency

sign emergency crosswalk - 7003429120
Via Laughingsquid

Darth Vader Crossing the Road

darth vader road crosswalk wtf star wars - 6678869248
By _C_A_T_
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