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Cringey Harry Potter-Obsessed Millennials Who Should Read Another Book

Enough is enough
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Obnoxious Gatekeepers Who Should Just Let People Live

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20+ Images That Range From Mildly Cursed & Cringe to Disturbing

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cringey tweets, bad takes, stuff that didn't age well, bill cosby | paper covered in handwriting I love Bill Cosby | Person -  THOSE WHO ARE SAYING STAR WARS IS BIGGEST MOVIE EVER AND BREAKING ALL RECORDS 3.2516 3.25.16 3.25.16 WAIT 3.25.16 AND THEN TALK.. DC Justice League Batman Superman Wonder Woman

Cringey Takes That Haven't Aged Well

Time's a b*tch.
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Cringey pics and social media posts, joker, weirdos,  yikes, cringeworthy | This conversation is related DoorDash order. left food on porch bro thanks man ill tip app Delivered sweet *starts dry humping LO | Carlene modeling seductively with grandpa's grave Like Comment Share 4 hours ago

21 Cringey Pics We Can't Unsee

Make it stop.
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bad takes from people on twitter | Pro-tip: If an indie pro wrestler who's helping pay medical bills by selling XXX pics/videos fans via DM, maybe don't ignore some those fans after receiving their s, if don't want get out

Bad Twitter Takes That Are The Definition Of 'Yikes'

You might end up regretting that.
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Conspiracy theorists tweet in response to Sir Ian McKellen's recommendation of the covid-19 vaccine | Ian McKellen @IanMcKellen I feel very lucky to have had the vaccine. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. Sir Ian McKellen praises NHS after first dose of Pfizer vaccine mirjam kotter @m_kotter Replying to  @IanMcKellen where is the live video with a closeup of the actual vaccination? And what is in the syringe?? Could be just a vitamine shot | Alison Onedaland @AOnedaland

Twitter Conspiracy Theorists Attack Ian McKellen's Vaccine Endorsement

Oh no they didn't
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