28 Cringeworthy Images & Eye-roll Inducing Internet Moments

It's hard to define what exactly makes something cringe. It's really a vibe. It's the embarrassing images and comments people post on the internet without irony that inspire others to log off. It's something that makes you feel ashamed just for having witnessed its awkwardness. So why do we subject ourselves to this pain? Well, because it's funny. If you're in a masochistic mood, we've got a whole bunch of cringe content for you to wince through. To be fair, a few of these specimens from r/cringepics and r/cringetopia are cringe in a self-aware way, which is actually kinda based

Cringe, Funny Cringe, Funny Memes, Social Media, Facebook, Reddit, Facepalm, Funny Comments, Cringetopia | collected all legs roaches live my house and finally created my masterpieces y these are jumbo flying roach legs are now sale they're itchy but cute | Weed adaed Tolaze itl Ph?c-An 47 minutes ago Like A2 man did u photoshop ur eyes Dominik No photoshop, only quality weed my friend
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