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20+ Funny Gems & Cringe Anecdotes From the Depths of LinkedIn

The state of LinkedIn is grim
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Painfully Cringey Memes & Moments

At least they're not boring.
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memes, nice guys, cringe, yikes, misogyny, funny, fail, reddit, wtf, dating, cringe posts, incels, social media | phil phuture nice guys: hey know not invade someone's space and totally respect boundaries Nice Guys IVE BEEN FRIEND MONTH AND NOW YOURE TELLING DONT WANT FUCK IS POINT WOMEN IF YOURE NOT HAVING SEX WITH ? | There is always one guy on girls snap would do anything her, extremely nice, very polite, dosen't ask her p1cs, respectful, etc. Notice its not guy shes talking tho

Cringey Nice Guys Who Have Zero Self-Awareness

There's a big difference between nice guys and 'Nice Guys'
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Cringe posts, nice guys, facepalm | *looks my feet shyly and then youre pretty smart girl know right *blushes* Um pretty sure other girls are smart eyes widen bit surprise* THINKS MYSELF: oh no oh no she didnt like W-well its just boilogy men are smarter have higher IQ's on average. Like my IQ is 159 Anyway lets move on smiles cheerfully going block now *looks shock why thought were nice but youre actually birch guess all women are same now sighs, then sadly blocks before can block Aa |

Cringey Nice Guys Who Need To Cool It With The Role-Play Speak

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