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Rule Breaking Memes That Are Too Cool for School

Have you ever wanted to stick it to the man, but you’re too much of a coward to do anything that may have repercussions? Of course, you have! Same here. I’m about as cowardice and counterculture as you could imagine. Sometimes it’s fun to break the rules. Don’t remove the tag from the mattress? Don’t mind if I do. No running near the swimming pool? There’s a reason that rule is in place, so at most, I’m probably going to fast walk, but that’s still kind of close to running. There’s a certain fe…
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Maddening Thread Uncovers How Much Of Our Everyday Lives Are A Scam

One of the most depressing things about growing up is that you learn how so much of life is about drawing the short straw. The world can be a pretty unfair place, and what's worse is that many of these problems are hiding in plain sight. If you sit down and really think about it, it can seem like the whole thing is one big grift . This seems to be the conclusion of a thread started by @ackocher , which asked about everything that is a scam, but isn't obvious about it. People quickly identified …
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Anti-Virus Icon John McAfee Leaves Behind A Legacy of Trolling

An enigma in life, a meme in death
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Funny headlines about "Florida Man" | Florida Man Accused Attacking Girlfriend With Banana Thursday, Jan 2,2014 Updated 3:03 PM EST Recommend 3.2 Send 8+113 View Comments (99) Email Print Twoet 232 Pasco County Bhes Offioe | Florida man climbs atop playground equipment at Clearwater park, tells kids where babies come

Florida Man Headlines That Serve Up The WTF

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Mom, Stop

Funny 'Is This A Pigeon' meme illustrating how parents assume that any online friend is a wanted criminal
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Funny memes entitled "The Secret Ingredient Is Crime"

'The Secret Ingredient Is Crime' Meme Is A Straight Classic (13 Memes)

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Funny tweets about the first crime ever committed in space

An Astronaut Just Committed The First-Ever Crime In Space

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Stupid Headlines

32 Mindbogglingly Stupid Headlines That, Yes, Were Actually Printed

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police searching for a short guy

Pint-Sized Dude Gets Ruthlessly Roasted On Police Department's Wanted Notice

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Thanks Cloakman!

Neighborhood sign that warns people about "Cloakman," imitating a neighborhood crime watch sign
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Totally Normal Stuff

Caption that reads, "Me texting back four days later continuing the conversation like I just didn't go MIA for 96 hours" above a pic of a guy wearing a ski mask being interviewed for a talk show
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Aww What A Nice Thief

Tweet about someone's roommate, who got their laptop stolen; thief sent them an email asking if they needed any college note files back from their computer
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Conspiracy Keanu: He Was Odlaw the Whole Time!

conspiracy keanu criminal kids waldo - 5867586816
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Guy who tried to use million-dollar bill at Wal-Mart Totally Looks Like Hyena from The Lion King

criminal funny Hall of Fame hyena lion king TLL wtf - 5675491328
Created by Dr_Mindbender_37

Justin Timberlake Totally Looks Like This Old-Timey Criminal

criminal Hall of Fame Justin Timberlake musicians - 4824225280
Created by emd2k3


criminal mustache sonic the hedgehog - 4012306432
Created by Katsuro
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