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People Discuss The Creepiest Personality Traits of All Time

A wise man once said, “I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here.” Creep is one of the most popular songs ever written, and it's easy to see why. Everybody feels like a creep and a weirdo every once and a while, and if you feel like it enough, it can be pretty hurtful. On the other hand, there are some personalities that are just unpleasant to be around. I can't stand it when somebody makes weird mouth noises all the time. It creeps me out when you can hear a…
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Bleak and Bizarre Tales From People Who Stare at Security Cameras For a Living

The idea of working security and staring at a camera for eight hours has never appealed to me. I've always figured I'd fall asleep on the job, or get scared being by myself. I never really thought about the horrors that people who work these jobs might see on a daily basis. A few years ago, Redditor u/rudsfromithaca started a thread where they asked security folks and camera watchers to get together and share their weirdest and most disturbing stories from when they were on the clock. These nig…
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (April 5, 2023)

Modern dating has become a complex and often daunting experience for many people. As a recently single person, I can 100% agree. See, in today's society, people are expected to meet new individuals in a fast-paced, highly technological environment. With the rise of dating apps and social media, finding someone to date has become easier yet somehow more challenging. Instead of focusing on the fun parts of meeting new people and discovering new things, we're drowning in options, engaging in surfa…
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Woman Posts Message to Husband's Creepy Colleague Who's Giving Stalker Vibes

Sounds eerily like the start of "Fatal Attraction"
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10+ People Share Their Favorite Creepy Facts About Human Nature

Humans are unique creatures. We have upright posture, we lack the thick body hair of most of the mammalian kingdom, and we wear clothing over our (relatively) hairless bodies. While most animals reproduce until they die, we stop about midway through (usually) and enjoy an empty nest if we're lucky. Humans are able to make fire and chit-chat incessantly. While other creatures definitely communicate, they're not talking their friends' ears off until they have violent thoughts. We think. While the…
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Bing’s New OpenAI-Powered Chatbot Gaslighted, Threatened, and Tried to Seduce Its Users

There's a new chatbot in town and it's unhinged.
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Creepy Dude Gets Slammed for Complaining About Teenager Rejecting Him

So gross
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People Share Things That Are Technically Legal But Comically Twisted

There's no rule against using both hands to put on lip balm
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People Roast Creepy Incel For Crazy Facebook Manifesto

The phenomenon of incels taking to the internet to air out their unhinged frustration toward women is nothing new. At this point in time, it's pretty much expected. It feels as though there's always some dude lurking behind a Twitter or Reddit corner, waiting to explain some intellectual subject to a woman who a) doesn't know who this dude is and b) really, really doesn't want to hear it. It's often under the guise of connection. And it usually results in rejection. And sometimes, after being r…
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Funny Tweets About ChatGPT, the New and Advanced AI Chatbot

It's just like a person
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Women Split Opinion Sharing Schemes They Used to Get Boyfriends

It's a lot of effort
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People Share The Creepiest Things They've Ever Heard Kids Say

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A compilation of tweets about the upcoming horror movie M3GAN and the titular characters viral dance

The Funniest M3GAN Tweets That Celebrate The Titular Creepy Dancing Doll

There's a new dancing doll in town, and her name is M3GAN. Horror movies such as Childs Play and Annabelle have put creepy dolls on the map as certified horror icons. However, creepy dolls don't just have to be red-headed Raggedy Ann-esque weirdos. They can also be uncanny-valley animatronic dancing girls who are both killers and fierce divas! Earlier this week, Universal came out with the trailer for their upcoming horror movie M3GAN , which follows a woman named Gemma who takes in her young n…
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Scary Science Facts Most People Don't Think About

Not-so-fun facts
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Total Creep Shows True Colors With Cringey Impression of Women

If you've never heard of the @SheRatesDogs Twitter account, you're in for a treat. It's basically a hub of those creepy , unhinged DMs that we hate to receive but love to mock on the internet. Most of the messages are what you'd expect: butthurt communications from men who can't handle warranted rejections. And, of course, a whole lot of incels . That said, every now and then they publish a series of direct messages that are uniquely cringey and deplorable. And yesterday was one of those days.
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Creepiest Mark Zuckerberg Memes to Help Fuel Your Nightmares

We know you can see this, Mark...
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