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25 Scary Movie Memes for the Year-Round Horror Fanatics

horror movies are not just reserved for Halloween
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"So we found the source of the flickering lights": Electrician Finds Ouija Board in Customer's Wall, Puts it Back Where it Came From

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Real-Life Seafarers Share Their Haunting Tales From the Ocean

All aboard the good ship Memebase
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30+ Horror Movie Memes Just in Time for Halloween

Celebrating the spooky season with memes
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Funniest Halloween Memes for Spooky Season Enjoyers (October 7, 2023)

Let the spoopiness begin
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Funniest Halloween Memes for Spooky Season Enjoyers (September 30, 2023)

It's getting spoopy in here
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Vigilant Woman Faces Criticism for Protecting Drunk Friend From Sleazeball, Receives Backup From Twitter

She did the right thing
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Blood-Curdling Screams and 34 Horror Movie Memes for Spook-O-Philes Who Refuse to Wait for Halloween

Goblins, ghouls, and goths unite under a black flag with Jigsaw's face on it
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'THE JUMPSCARE IT GAVE ME': Swifty Finds Creepy Recording on Her Brand New Taylor Swift Vinyl, Horrified at the Spooky Voices that Replaced 'Speak Now' (VIDEO)

This is definitely NOT Taylor's version
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Bleak and Bizarre Tales From People Who Stare at Security Cameras For a Living

The idea of working security and staring at a camera for eight hours has never appealed to me. I've always figured I'd fall asleep on the job, or get scared being by myself. I never really thought about the horrors that people who work these jobs might see on a daily basis. A few years ago, Redditor u/rudsfromithaca started a thread where they asked security folks and camera watchers to get together and share their weirdest and most disturbing stories from when they were on the clock. These nig…
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Linkedin Loser Gets Rejected in Public After Corporate-Stalking a Woman, Hilarity Ensues in the Comments

What ever happened to just asking for a girl's number?
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Monster Memes For Hosting An Unseasonal Monster Mash

It caught on in a flash
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New Age Taxidermy: Family Encases Deceased Dog in Resin as a Horrifying Father's Day Present

Get him out of there
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Woman Posts Message to Husband's Colleague Who's Giving Stalker Vibes

Sounds eerily like the start of "Fatal Attraction"
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People Discuss The Creepiest Personality Traits of All Time

A wise man once said, “I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here.” Creep is one of the most popular songs ever written, and it's easy to see why. Everybody feels like a creep and a weirdo every once and a while, and if you feel like it enough, it can be pretty hurtful. On the other hand, there are some personalities that are just unpleasant to be around. I can't stand it when somebody makes weird mouth noises all the time. It creeps me out when you can hear a…
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The Most Cringeworthy Dating App Encounters This Week (April 5, 2023)

Modern dating has become a complex and often daunting experience for many people. As a recently single person, I can 100% agree. See, in today's society, people are expected to meet new individuals in a fast-paced, highly technological environment. With the rise of dating apps and social media, finding someone to date has become easier yet somehow more challenging. Instead of focusing on the fun parts of meeting new people and discovering new things, we're drowning in options, engaging in surfa…
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