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Scary Science Facts Most People Don't Think About

Not-so-fun facts
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Total Creep Shows True Colors With Cringey Impression of Women

If you've never heard of the @SheRatesDogs Twitter account, you're in for a treat. It's basically a hub of those creepy , unhinged DMs that we hate to receive but love to mock on the internet. Most of the messages are what you'd expect: butthurt communications from men who can't handle warranted rejections. And, of course, a whole lot of incels . That said, every now and then they publish a series of direct messages that are uniquely cringey and deplorable. And yesterday was one of those days.
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People Roast Creepy Incel For Crazy Facebook Manifesto

The phenomenon of incels taking to the internet to air out their unhinged frustration toward women is nothing new. At this point in time, it's pretty much expected. It feels as though there's always some dude lurking behind a Twitter or Reddit corner, waiting to explain some intellectual subject to a woman who a) doesn't know who this dude is and b) really, really doesn't want to hear it. It's often under the guise of connection. And it usually results in rejection. And sometimes, after being r…
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Things That Are Technically Legal But Comically Twisted

There's no rule against using both hands to put on lip balm
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Creepiest Mark Zuckerberg Memes to Help Fuel Your Nightmares

We know you can see this, Mark...
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Funny memes "I am normal and can be trusted with "

Memes That Are Normal and Can Definitely Be Trusted

It feels like the meme world has mostly shifted from exploitable image macros in favor of nonsensical or unhinged shitposting. While there are some big hits every now and then, like the wildly popular ‘ Girl Explaining ’ meme, the meme world just feels different. That said, there are a few formats that are able to shine. Homelander memes come to mind, but one of our favorites is just a wee bit more esoteric than most memes using stills from The Boys. The meme we're talking about
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A compilation of liminal space images

Liminal Spaces You Might Have Been In Before

Liminal spaces are the aesthetically strange rooms that nobody can get enough of. For the uninitiated, a liminal space “is a location which is a transition between two other locations, or states of being.” For instance, pools, hallways, and abandoned rooms all can fit into the definition of “liminal spaces.” This aesthetic trend developed in the 2010s and has gained popularity both on TikTok and in the video game Backrooms, which depicts different ominous spaces a player must try to escape. The…
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Funny dank memes about page 2 of a Google search

'Google Page Two' Memes From The Strangest Depths Of The Internet

It could be said that we take Google for granted, and they make it really easy for us. The search engine provides answers to our most pressing (and stupid) queries and pushes the most useful information to the top. It's rare that we make it halfway through the results. We save that for creepily searching our dates. Anyway, it's even rarer that we bravely push forward to the second page of results. The second page is a dark and mysterious place, where things that are only slightly relevant to yo…
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Nightmarish Mascots for Halifax Oyster Festival Prompt Horror & Jokes

They have so many eyes...
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Amusing Things That Are Normal at 3PM but Terrifying at 3AM

What is it about the night that transforms the seemingly mundane into the stuff of nightmares ? It can't just be about the dark. It feels deeper and more primal than that. There's no doubt that the sound of an ice cream truck is pleasant, warm and nostalgic at 3PM, but completely sinister at 3AM. One twisted soul encouraged the redditors of r/AskReddit to list a bunch of different things that feel normal during the day, but terrifying at night. We've collected all of our favorites for your amus…
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People Share The Creepiest Things They Ever Heard Kids Say

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Unhinged Family Freaks Out When Daughter-In-Law’s First Born Isn’t a Boy, Goes Full ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ at the Shower

Every family has its quirks, but this redditor's story about how her in-laws reacted to the sex of her unborn child is beyond unsettling. The family nearly had a collective mental breakdown after they failed to will a baby boy into existence through various “rituals,” the ultimate goal possibly being to superimpose their dead grandfather's identity onto the kid. Yikes. Sounds like something out of Rosemary's Baby or Hereditary. Jokes aside, OP's family likely just needs some serious grief couns…
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Woman Is Flabbergasted By Elderly Lady's 'Secret' To Leading A Long Life

OK, Annie??
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Creep Gets Fired For Harassing Female Co-workers, Still Asks For Reference

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An article about the creepy old man baby that is sweeping TikTok named Horace.

Meet Horace: TikTok's Creepiest Little Dancing Guy

TikTok dances are a staple of the platform, but Charli D'Amelio and Addison Rae might have some competition in the form of a bald dancing animated man.
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Creepy Interviewer Makes Woman Uncomfortable With Inappropriate Questions, Gets Fired

Job interviews are one of the more nerve-racking and anxiety-inducing things a person can experience. To take an already stressful situation and crank up the discomfort by throwing some sexual harassment into the mix is downright sociopathic. When u/R_Rover_2013 called out her interviewer after he asked a series of highly personal and inappropriate questions, he threw a fit and ended the interview. I guess he thought asking a potential hiree about what kind of guys she likes to date was a total…
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