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'I woke up to $500 in charges on my credit card': PlayStation bans gamer for getting scammed, he makes parent company fly him to California

He got that money back somehow
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24-year-old daughter racks up $3000 in credit card debt, mother refuses to bail her out: 'She is an adult, but still acting like a teenager'

You're on your own, kid
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'Credit scores are a scam': Driver pays off car, gripes about drop in credit score

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Scammer steals credit card information to rent car, emails card owner and asks why he canceled the rental: 'Sorry to use the details hee hee'

"Hee hee"
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Disturbing Things Credit Card Reps Want To Tell You, But Can't

Wait, are credit card companies kind of shady!? A former credit card rep tells all.
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The Struggle Is Real

Funny meme that reads, "You've never been broke if you haven't had to do this" above a stock photo of a guy trying to buy something with his credit card and change
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I'm Out

Simpsons meme about entering one's credit card information for a free 30-day trial
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Yeah That's Way Too Far

Funny tweet that reads, "I save tons of money shopping online because I'm lazy to go get my credit card from the other room"
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Thanks For Your Help, Paypal...

Pic of a PayPal bot telling a user they can ask any question; user says they got scammed and Paypal responds with, "Great!"
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Why Is This Necessary

'Country Roads' seagull telling you not to remove your debit card during a transaction, and then screaming for you to remove it

So, Now What

Caption that reads, "How me and the cashier be looking at each other while we're waiting on my debit card to process" above pics of an elementary school kids mirrored and looking very awkward at himself
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It's A Trap

Panel meme where Tom from 'Tom and Jerry' is reading a piece of paper that tells his to start his free trial, but then gets hit in the face with a pie when he's asked to put in his credit card information
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That's Way Too Much Work

Phoebe from Friends saying "Forget it" with a caption that reads, "When you have to enter your credit card information but your wallet is slightly out of reach"
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Funny meme about girl posting pic of her card on twitter.
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I Ate a Salad, Once

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Americans Live for Debt

americans credit card debt - 7995969536
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