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Rare Insults From the Devious Wordsmiths of the Internet

Intelligence comes in many impressive flavors. You've got math whizzes who solve mind-boggling equations just for fun , making the rest of us question our brains' existence. They can calculate tips at lightning speed and perform complex mental gymnastics like it's a walk in the park. Then there are the artistic geniuses who can turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece using paints, pencils, or even discarded junk they stumble upon. I think these qualify as superpowers. There are science nerds who…
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Top Creative Insults of the Week (March 3, 2023)

We all spend a fair amount of time scrolling our lives away on the Internet, and sometimes it feels as though it's for naught. But if the internet's good for anything, it's seeing strangers get roasted and toasted in public forums, whether it's in a Twitter thread or the comments on any given subreddit. You'll never catch us being okay with cyberbullying— being cruel or threatening folks online is never okay, and that's not what this here compilation is about. This is all about appreciating the…
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Top Spiciest and Creative Insults of the Week (February 23, 2023)

A good insult is hard to come by. As schoolchildren, we start with the basics. There's the powerful “No, you!” which is followed by the even more powerful and incredibly smug “I know you are but what am I?” We remember the early days of “Your mom” jokes (which are extra devastating if the mother in question is dead) and “stupid jokes" like the one that insinuates it takes an hour for the victim to cook minute rice. These are all well and good if you've yet to go through puberty, but as we get o…
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Funny, rare and creative insults from Reddit

Rare and Creative Insults From the Ready Wordsmiths of the Internet

There are many different types of intelligence in this world. Some people are mathematical whizzes who do seemingly needless equations just for kicks. They can do complex math in their head and calculate tips within seconds. Then there are the artistic geniuses, who understand how to create masterpieces with paints, pencils, sculptural materials, or even garbage they find on the street. I've always envied science nerds who actually understand space and time, the physics of everything. There are…
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Brutal Insults & Burns That Deserve Respect

Mamma mia.
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