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High School Bans Backpacks, Students Retaliate With Inventive Alternatives

The book stroller really helps with shoulder pain.
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Funny and lazy not my job moments | Walmart Saratoga Springs Old Gick Rd 13 mins O Here at store Saratoga Springs have some pretty cool people would like thank associate's name! Thanks doing such great job, associate's name appreciate WalmartFamily Fine Jewery Seubl Dapping Pou Walmart SARB Asociate ROSEN | Tennessee woman stunned new driver's license has picture empty chair CNN Wire 1 day ago Tenneccee USA DRIVER LICENSE VOLUNTEER STATE NOT FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION DL NO DOB EXP 07/24/2028 iss 0

40+ 'Not My Job' Moments of Creative Incompetence

F for Effort
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Funny OSHA fails, workplace

OSHA-Triggering Fails That Are Kind of Impressive

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Funny descriptive and specific tweets

Extremely Specific Tweets From Masters Of Detail

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A Fresh Selection Of Short And Sweet Tweets

280 characters or less, baby.
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Creepy stories from the subreddit /r/TwoSentenceHorror | r/TwoSentenceHorror Posted by u/TitusPotPie 4mo My four year old said he wished people didn't have knock told him about doorbells, and he asked install one on his window. 14,3k 128 Share

Nineteen Clever And Creepy Stories Told In Just Two Sentences

It's cool, you didn't need to sleep tonight anyway!
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funny pictures of thai people shopping after plastic bag ban in thailand, people shopping using weird objects |  Thailand started 2020 with major plastic bag ban so now Thais have made trend put their shoppings random things living LMFAO. man carrying groceries using a hanging a drying rack and clothespins. woman carrying in groceries inside a large pot.

Thailand's Plastic Bag Ban Forcing Shoppers To Get Hilariously Creative

Some of these are impressive.
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Funny pics of kids with creative hairstyles

Insane Hairstyles For The Incredibly Ambitious Parent (16 Pics)

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16 Artsy Memes For All You Creative Types

15 Artsy Memes For All The Creatives Out There

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Funny advertising, funny business, funny marketing, signs, creative.

22 Admirable Shows Of Advertising And Branding Prowess

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Funny fantasy parody tweets from Awful Fantasy.

14 Perfectly Cringey Fantasy Parodies From The Depths Of Twitter

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Funny tweets about childhood irrational fears.

16 People Share Their Most Irrational (And Hilarious) Childhood Fears

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Not Dumb, Just...Creative?

Caption that reads, "Bro I had to be the dumbest preschooler out there" above a pic of a piece of paper with a bunch of misspelled shapes on it
Via Coolburritoboi

How Do I Join This Family

Caption that reads, "This is my family's X-mas card this year. You're welcome" above a pic of a family imitating the album cover from Queen II by Queen
Via anlyin

It's Creative If Nothing Else

Caption that reads, "Someone cosplaying the actual convention center" above a pic of a person wearing silver tights and a bunch of boxes that they stuck together
Via RyanYetti
Stuffed Animals Designed by Kids

16 Out of This World Stuffed Animals Designed by Kids

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