cracked sitcom TV comedy - 83747329

Answer of the Day: Why Did Every 80s Sitcom Kill the Mom

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cracked disney poor people Video - 82357761

Why It Would Be Terrible to Be a Poor Person in Any Disney Movie

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cracked gym parody Video - 77247489

This Honest Gym Membership Ad Will Make You Giggle About Your New Year's Resolution of Going to the Gym

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cracked pranks Video - 75138817

Why Every Prank Eventually Goes Wrong

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commercial cracked cars ads Video - 73432833

What if Car Commercials Were Honest?

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It's in Narnia Now

battery cell phone cracked drop narnia Pie Chart - 6249921024
Created by Unknown

Lame Pun Coon: Or Is It?

america cracked history Lame Pun Coon - 5450303232
See all captions Created by mcksyg91

Whales of Mass Destruction

cracked evil infographic - 4613946112
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cracked infographic sheep t shirts - 4204391424
Created by Unknown

Lookin Through My Goggles

cracked google spelling Yahoo Answer Fails - 5041975296
Created by rokas1997 ( Via )

Pedobear Strikes Again

cracked desktop IRL screen - 4651775488
Created by nine13reaker

I Hear Putting It In Rice Helps

cracked facebook iphone tech support - 6391155456
Created by 19Zoey88
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