16 Memes For People Who Absolutely Hate Their Jobs

Tag your boss in these memes! He could probably use the distraction as well. Bosses at Uber could as well, they've lost $1 billion dollars in 3 months, so they started asking drivers to look in between seat cushions for the missing cash. Sometimes there is really nothing you can do. You've tried to be as flexible as you can, you have talked to your shrink, and taken pills, all to try to avoid accepting the simple truth: You hate your job. Embrace it, and you will feel so much better. Check out some of these hilarious work memes that are all about the best and worst parts of the work day. You might find someone to commiserate with.

Funny memes about hating your job, work, bosses, life, money. Cover photo is an office burning down to the ground.
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