The Incredible Shrinking Comic Cover

cover ant man - 8428263680
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christmas Music cover Video - 66771969

‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ in 20 Different Musical Styles

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Can't Tell if Magazine or Generic Video Game

wtf cover magazine funny - 8370771456
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cover Chrono Trigger - 64269825

Wild and Crazy Cover of 'Corridors of Time' From Chrono Trigger

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cover Music Video - 62729729

It Takes a Lot of Instruments to Cover the Intro to Banjo Kazooie and This Guy Did it Perfectly

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cover guitar guiles-theme Music Video - 60880385

An Awesome Cover of One of the Most Iconic Video Game Tunes Ever

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I Need Backup! ... Because I Hate Sleeping Alone

cover double meaning police literalism - 7077574656
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Cover Me!

misinterpretation literalism cover double meaning - 6952331776
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never cover facebook book - 6943966976
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Sweet Secondary Bro

call of duty black ops II cover - 6812583424
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Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

judge adage black-eyed peas literalism cover book double meaning - 6760542208
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Make Those Dirty Bleeps

cover fifty shades of grey game boy meme nintendo - 6491792896
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Without You, Without You

cover How People View How People View Me Music puns the Beatles - 6389306880

Yes... Breathtaking...

cover double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lol review - 6372030464
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I Lost Before I Even Started

art box art cover fus ro dah IRL Skyrim - 6375780864
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Why Not MySpace?

cover facebook Zoidberg - 6301041664
By PhillipGlassAkshat