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Mom Takes Niece in for a Month, Gets Blamed By SIL When She Likes Her Aunt's Household Better

It's quite complicated
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Teenager Screams at Her Disabled Cousin For Cutting Up All of Her Dresses With Scissors

Is she wrong here?
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'Pure evil': Collegiate girl pranks her clown-hating cousin with an annual, anonymous, clown-themed package for over a decade as revenge for doubting her potential

We all float here
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Sensitive Bridesmaid Drops Out of Bridal Party After Harmless April Fool's Prank

Get over it
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Bridezilla Rails Against Cousin for Being Late to Bachelorette Lunch, Almost Omits Important Detail

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Dude Lends Kid Cousin His Phone at Church, Leading to Hilarious Results

What on earth
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Funny tweet that reads, "Forgot to give my little cousin a blanket last night" above a photo of a kid lying in a cardboard box
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funny meme about younger cousin destroying lego city, aunt, this is fine | godzilla as some baby that came to my birthday party destroying my lego city that i spent two years on, dog saying this fine while sitting in a burning house as aunt who was letting him do whatever he wanted
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This generation

Y U NO ipad wig fail cousin iphone - 8577569536
Created by Unknown

Can't You See I'm Relaxing Here?

rage kids brother siblings noise cousin playing - 8338648576
Created by DissolveTheKitten

Thanks For the "Favor"

bath babysitting cousin - 8282468096
Created by Unknown

New Password: Asdfghofirei

cousin trolling password - 8262326784
Created by Unknown

My Cousin Rocks!

video games achievement unlocked cousin - 7027565056
Created by Unknown

I. Love. Him.

black ops 2 legend of zelda Battlefield 3 cousin - 6902423296
Created by Unknown

Hey Cousin, You've Made a Huge Mistake

cousin Grand Theft Auto Tenso - 6576412928
Created by Unknown

Another Time Cousin

cousin grand theft auto IV meme niko - 6544419584
Created by imille
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