A compilation of memes about law and lawyers

Lawyer Memes For All the Real-Life Elle Woods

Do you ever see somebody in your life going to law school and get genuinely worried that they're only doing it because they were inspired by Legally Blonde ? This has happened to me a non-zero number of times. I don't have these concerns because I don't think blonde women are capable of mastering the legal profession. However, after one too many Elle Woods quotes posted on their Instagram story while studying for the LSATs, I got a little concerned. Being a lawyer is really difficult. It's not…
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car dealership tells guy to sue for money, so he fills a claim out and gets his money

Customer Gets Screwed Over By Dealership, Gets Justice When Management Finds Out

Sometimes things work out.
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Story about a horrible subleaser accusing the original tenant of gaslighting because he asked for $100 to cover the cost of his TV

Horrible Subleaser Accuses Tenant of "Gaslighting" For Asking Him To Pay $100 For a TV

There's nothing worse than having an impenetrably bad roommate . They refuse to budge no matter how much you ask them to clean or pay their bills. I feel like I could tolerate a roommate that is bad but owns it. Like yeah, they are never around and don't do much around the house, but they at least don't try to make foolish excuses for their poor behavior. The worst breed of roommate is those who are incompetent but try to justify it with psychological concepts to make it seem like you're the on…
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Mom denies babysitter payment after agreeing upon $16/hour payment, babysitter takes mom to court and wins.

Cheapskate Mom Denies Babysitter Promised Pay, Gets Owned & Taken To Court

This story is a bit of an oldie but goodie. We've been talking a lot about entitled cheapskates and this story really takes the cake where scum like that is concerned. After eight hours of watching this woman's children, this babysitter was denied the pre-agreed upon payment rate of $16 an hour. The babysitting client had claimed that free ice cream and a day of fun was a fair exchange. Needless to say, the babysitter did not agree, and shared screen shots to Reddit. They quickly went viral, an…
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Zucc Has The Right Idea

Funny meme that reads, "Nobody: ... Me during Zoom video calls: ..." above a photo of Mark Zuckerberg in trial wearing Crocs
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Funny memes about working in the legal field | aslan from narnia how judges feel try reference case court proceeding Do not cite deep magic Witch there written. tweet by durgesh99shukla Law Students' instagram should have way block everyone who's gone abroad do International Moot or LLM

Thirty-Five Legal Memes That Are Criminally Dumb

Take a break from tort law for five minutes and look at some memes instead.
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Got 'Em

Funny meme about lawyer.
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Nice Try

Funny meme about identifying as innocent gender-wise, in court. Not how it works.
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Hope You Like The Color Orange

Funny meme of a dog swearing an oath in court, says "you're going to jail, greg."
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Funny courthouse meme with puns, makes a joke about being a penny - being "in a cent" - really terrible pun.
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rick and morty wtf court parody true story Video - 81720577

Rick and Morty Read a Super NSFW Transcript From a REAL Court Room

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'Justifiable Homicide'

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If Only Court Recess Was Actually This Fun

court - 8596140288
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Best Part of the Day

web comics court Best Part of the Day
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court panties Sexy Ladies wtf - 4599296512
See all captions Created by xyzpdq1

An Ideal Justice System

justice court web comics - 8411817216
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