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Happy Couple Horrifies Reddit by Forcing Guests to Take Part in Puppet-Themed Wedding

Kermit and Miss Piggy they ain't
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Man Leaves Wife To Marry Side Chick, Slams Brother For Joking About It In The Wedding Speech

Left speechless
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Couple Goals Reach New Heights With “She Was The Baddest, He Was The Realest” Meme

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Compelling Staged Video Has Everyone Reaching For The Popcorn

Poetic cinema
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20+ Cutesy Couple Memes For The Happily Boo’d Up

Happily ever after
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Funny supercut of man trolling his girlfriend over her gag reflex

Dude's Incessant Trolling of GF's Gag Reflex Made Them TikTok Legends

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Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend, Comes Home To Outrageous Petty Revenge

There are few greater gambles than falling in love . When it goes wrong the consequences can be disastrous. A broken heart is the kind of feeling that only time can heal, but unfortunately that doesn’t make the immediate fallout any less embarrassing and dramatic. For the majority of us, this probably begins and ends with a classic drunk calling habit, or mournfully spying on your ex’s social media after you’ve blocked them. Unfortunately, though, some people take things much, much further. One…
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Gross Viral Pregnancy Reveal Proves Content Farms Are Even More Shameless Than We Imagined

For many a devastatingly conventional heterosexual couple, a pregnancy reveal can be of the happiest milestones in their relationship. If they're the influencing type, they might even find a creative way to share the news on social media and presumably pre-plan the elaborate gender reveal in a few months' time. The Insta announcement from your high school bully might be cringe inducing enough, but we've got some bad news: the prank content creators have decided to get in on the game. After bein…
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Couple Split Opinion With Their Wildly Different Ideas On Date-Appropriate Outfits

One of the lesser talked about truths about being in a relationship is that there’s probably always going to be one person in a couple who’s always better dressed. Obviously, this doesn’t have to be a big deal; so long as both parties are comfortable with each other’s choices, there is no need to worry about the opinion of your friend who wants you to dump them. That said, this can change when things get more high stakes. For your average fancy date night, you might expect that your partner wou…
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Besotted Teen Couple Get Wisdom Teeth Out On Same Day, Their Post Surgery Separation Anxiety Rivals Romeo And Juliet's Tragedy

Let’s just hope it doesn’t end the same way as Shakespeare.
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Funny tweets about places that have tighter security than the capitol | RACHIE Name a place with tighter security than the Capitol. RIGHT answers only. | cake box and Cheeto door lock

Twitter Thread Roasts The Capitol's Apparent Lack Of Security

Twitter's got jokes.
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Funny memes about being in a relationship | *Starts playing with her hair* Her: Mike Wazowski eye roll | u don't want cuddle because 's too hot but u still want touch boyfriend frog with its hand on another frog

16 Relationship Memes That Cover All The Ups And Downs

Memes for the taken!
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Funny and cute tweets about Keanu Reeves' new relationship with Alexandra Grant

Internet Reacts To Keanu Reeves' First Girlfriend In Decades

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Funny memes about relationships | Post Malone seeing my gf's boobs millionth time My gf | funny tweet Abby Jimenez @AbbyJimenez763 STRANGER: Hey, is guy bothering Yeah, but he's my husband so signed up this.

Relationship Memes For The Smitten Saps (30 Sh*tposts)

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Funny and cute memes about relationships | eyeroll kisses my neck kinkybutyholesome time sin |

Sugary-Sweet Relationship Memes For The Couples (15 Memes)

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Well That's One Solution

Funny tweet that reads, "My cousin's boyfriend proposed to her but she didn't have her nails done lmao"
Via youandmeandrainbows
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