funny tweet Joey 4 @joeygllghr Country music: I'm going to live and die in my hometown :) Pop punk music: I'm going to live and die in my hometown :(
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Where's the lie?

funny meme about female country singers being scarier than male country singers, carrie underwood | swole doge vs cheems Male Country Singers I like beer and trucks Female Country Singers I will not hesitate to kill any man who cheats on me
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Funny Tumblr posts about cooking around the world | altonzm french recipes: if not making this paris then 's point. fuck italian recipes: use left leg meat pig one three farms this specific area tuscany, or this day my grandmother will begin manifesting physically house

Troll-y Tumblr Tidbits About Cooking Around The World

Just like abuela used to make.
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Funny music video of 'Old Town Road' remade into an '80s pop song

This '80s Version Of 'Old Town Road' Is Surprisingly Really Good

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Funny music memes

40 Silly Sh*tposts For The Music Lovers

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Billy Ray Cyrus old town road country lil nas x lyrics funny memes rap music pop music Video - 8541701

12 'Old Town Road' Memes That'll inspire You To Ride 'Til You Can't No More

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Funny "me explaining to my mom" meme about dolly parton's song jolene, country music.
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Video of Lil Nas X surprising an elementary school and performing 'Old Town Road' at an assembly

Lil Nas X Surprising Elementary School Kids With 'Old Town Road' Is Heartwarming AF

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official Video for Lil Nas X Old Town Road Remix Featuring Billy Ray Cyrus and Chris Rock

Watch Lil Nas X's Video For 'Old Town Road' Ft. Billy Ray Cyrus and Chris Rock

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redneck things left behind after event

Twitter Thread About All The Weird Sh*t Left Behind At Talladega Is Peak Redneck Culture

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Y'all Know It's True

funny meme about country music.
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Way Better Than An Uber

Caption that reads, "Screw Uber! It's Friday night! Don't drink and drive. Message me and I'll come get you in a 2000 Ford F-250 4x4, with a case of beer in a cooler in the back. blasting Skynyrd on the speakers, and I'll holler 'Hell yeah brother!' at everything you say" above a pic of a guy looking out the window of his truck
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Some Of It Is Okay

Funny meme about country roads, country music, john denver, cat.
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Funny random memes.

34 Time-Wasting Memes For Your Viewing Pleasure

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Funny meme about a country song about a truck leaving a man, because of technology and self-driving cars.
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Funny meme about claiming to not like country music but then hearing joklene and looking like you're from the country.
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