Funny story about a scammer who tries to get her money back from a couch seller

Entitled Single Mom Tries To Scam Seller, Gets Caught Red-Handed

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Um Excuse Me

"When you're trying to be lazy and someone starts being unnecessarily loud and productive around you" above a stock photo of a guy lying on a couch angrily holding up a bell
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You Have a Point

colonel sanders couch image - 8994703360
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bart simpson couch the simpsons Video - 83696641

Bart Gets the Remote in One of the Most Upsetting Couch Gags 'The Simpsons' Has Ever Done

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Who Done It?

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Share to Save a Life

couch fake - 8761623296
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Dat Thigh Gap

that looks naughty couch - 8747331072
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Seriously, I'm Just Swamped

web comics plans naps Seriously, I'm Just Swamped
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Classic: Maybe try to turn it once again?

FAIL couch moving classic funny - 8555595008
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Those Little Mother Duckers Have to Be Up to Something

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Chilling Connoisseurs

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Couch Biopsy

art couch science wtf - 4465826304
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I'll Get You My Pretties

couch creeper creepy sneakers girls hidden - 5957541120
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Parents That Have to Deal With Sick Kids Will Relate To This

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The Benzle Creep

beers couch creeper ladies old guy photobomb - 4069469184
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Cue Linkin Park

dogs FAIL gifs couch - 8456349440
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