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Costco Worker Reveals Nearly $30 Hourly Wage, Sparks Argument Over Whether It’s Deserved

Time is money
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Costco Employees Give An Amusing Rundown Of Their Returns Policy

Costco is truly a king among stores. If you qualify to apply for that sweet, sweet membership, you suddenly have a whole new world of discounts and tantalizing bulk items right at your fingertips. You never know what delights might find themselves in your shopping cart whenever your visit, but that’s all part of the wonder that is the Costco experience. Arguably, one of the best aspects of the store is its return policy. Its approach is so shockingly liberal that a video of two of its employees…
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Beat the Heat!

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Free Dinners at Costco

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Do You Think They'll Care If I Get Seconds?

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They Named Him Bruce, They Don't Exactly Have Great Taste

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